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Self-Care Training on-site with The Healist


On-Site Self-Care Workshops


Workshop participants get training in self-care basics (oxygenation, hydration, smart eating), core health (mouthbody care, gubrain health, detox), self-regulation (balance hormones, regulate immunity, unstress), and adaptation (reduce toxins, move & integrate, sex/fertility/pregnancy). Emotional feelings about self-care are processed to make learning more effective and lasting. Workshops end with coaching in how to make a personalized self-care plan that is a smart complement to any health care plan. “Not today?” Exactly. “It won’t happen to me?” Let’s talk about it. “I didn’t see it coming?” Change your bodymindset.

On-Site Meditation Workshop


Workshop participants get training in how to meditate, and how to use meditation to visualize health and wellbeing. Simple, effective meditation techniques are taught that anyone can do. Meditation workshops feel great, because meditation helps people calm and destress their nervous system, access super learning and super healing states by slowing brain wave frequency, and increase perception and awareness—including self-awareness. Meditation also develops the "Observing I” —the part of us that can observe our own patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and make them more harmonious and adaptive.

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There’s health care and there’s self-care. One of them is easier and more cost-effective.

Preventing chronic illnesses is more ethical, functional and cost-effective than treating them. The Healist provides on-site workshops to help organizations up the ante on self-care. Participants are coached through emotional blockages to make self-care actionable today.


Bring The Healist to your business for training workshops on self-care practices that reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and nurture lifelong health and wellbeing. 

A former university professor, my workshop approach is based on tried-and-true literacy principles. If you can learn to operate your car or computer, you can learn to operate your own bodymind vehicle for better lifelong health. Topics are practical and actionable. Coaching is focused on helping participants take personal responsibility for their mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Participants receive support assessing family history of chronic disease and risky behaviors that increase risk of chronic illness. I use psychophysical education techniques to make learning easy and experiential. Emotional processing is encouraged to release illness-causing bodymindsets that are making millions of Americans sick.