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Self-Care Training on-site with The Healist

Bring The Healist to your business or school for training workshops on self-care practices that reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and nurture lifelong health and wellbeing. 

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A former university professor, my workshop approach is based on tried-and-true literacy principles. If you can learn to operate your car or computer, you can learn to operate your own bodymind vehicle for better lifelong health. Topics are practical and actionable. Coaching is focused on helping participants take personal responsibility for their mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Participants receive support assessing family history of chronic disease and risky behaviors that increase risk of chronic illness. I use psychophysical education techniques to make learning easy and experiential. Emotional processing is encouraged to release illness-causing bodymindsets that are making millions of Americans sick. At the end of the workshop, participants create personalized self-care plans.

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There’s health care and there’s self-care. One of them is easier and more cost-effective.

Preventing chronic illnesses before they happen is more ethical, functional and cost-effective than treating them. The Healist provides on-site workshops to help groups up the ante on self-care. Participants are coached to create a personalized self-care plan that is a smart complement to any health care plan.


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