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On-site workshops on chronic disease prevention and self-care

Bring The Healist to your school, business or professional group for talks and workshops on sustainable self-care for lifelong health and wellbeing. 

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A former university professor, Camilla’s workshop approach is based on tried-and-true literacy principles. If you can learn to operate your car or computer, you can learn to operate your own bodymind vehicle for better lifelong health. Psychophysical education techniques make learning fast and actionable.

Sustainable Self-Care Workshops with The Healist help participants take personal responsibility for their mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Instruction covers the basics (oxygenate, hydrate, eat smart), core health (mouthbody care, gutbrain health, bodymind detox), self-regulation (balance hormones, regulate immunity, unstress), and adaptation (reduce toxins, move and integrate, and sex fertility and pregnancy). Participants receive support assessing family history of chronic disease, illness-causing bodymindsets that have become habitual and unconscious, and self-care skills that could be better. Workshops end with coaching to guide participants to make a personalized self-care plan.

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Self-care is the first and best health care.

Preventing chronic illnesses is more ethical, functional and cost-effective than treating them. The Healist provides on-site workshops to help groups up the ante on self-care. Participants are coached to create a self-care plan that is the natural and necessary complement to their health care plan.


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