The Healist

Today The Healist is more than just Camilla Griggers. It’s a place to find inspiration, support and practical tips on somatic-emotional self-care and chronic disease prevention we could all be doing today to prevent chronic ill health and unhappiness tomorrow. Integrating all the parts of your emotional bodymind while practicing prevention-oriented self-care can feel like a messy merger at first, if you've become accustomed to the separation of the mind/body split. But the results of integration are a more sustainable and holistic wellbeing that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual all at the same time.

At The Healist, you'll find select content lists about self-care practices everyone can do today to create lifelong health and happiness. Even if you think your problem is relationship issues, or finding your purpose, or controlling your anger, fear, depression or pain, you'll be happy to learn what all that has to do with your hormones, immunity and gut health, whether you walk around dehydrated, malnourished and full of toxic crap every day, and what you can do to make enormous changes at the last minute. You'll also find stories of other healists who have found the healing path and marked the way.