Copy of Superfeel Detox Challenge Program

Copy of Superfeel Detox Challenge Program


The Superfeel Detox Challenge Program includes:

HANDY GUIDE: Detox instructions, recipes, shopping lists, tracking chart and calendar, and emotional detox toolkit.

5 AUDIO LESSONS: Step-by-step instructions, with explanations about why we detox and how to do it. Learn the basics before you dive in to avoid common mistakes and optimize results.  Get guidance and coaching to get started, make it 10 days, and come out gently.

E-BOOK: Tells you how to detox body and emotions, and helps you transform 8 toxic somatic-emotional-thought patterns that are making people sick. Reviews everything you want to know about the health of your core Self—your colon, liver and kidneys. Includes explanations, examples and inspiring stories.

SUPPORT SYSTEM:  Access to a private FB group for questions, inspiration and support.


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