Superfeel Detox Challenge

A 10-day regenerative cleanse that helps you drop physical and emotional baggage and create a healthy lifestyle. The result: feeling super in body, mind, emotion and spirit. 

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Superfeel Detox Challenge was designed by cousins Camilla Griggers, PhD a somatic-emotional therapist and Natalie Boss, CCT, a colon hydrotherapist. They provide a unique bodymind approach to cleansing and nourishing your organs of elimination—colon, liver and kidneys—and the emotions they regulate—sadness, anger and fear. You'll learn how to clean up your own crap caused by bad lifestyle habits and thought patterns like Not today, I'm invincible and Isn't there a pill for it? that have excused you from self-care. By day 10 you'll lose 5-10 pounds, have more energy, clarity and emotional honesty—and possess new tools to return to whenever you need to bring yourself back home to balance.


Detox creates the environment and time for your organs of elimination to cleanse and restore. These core organs determine your overall health, including mental and emotional wellbeing.




Get Ready

Eat organic vegan raw foods for 2 days. Drink lots of clean water and get your intestines moving regularly. Visualize yourself feeling super.


Detox 10 Days

Stop chewing. Drink 7 superfood and detox drinks daily. Deep clean your intestines. Flush with daily coffee enema. Move body and emotions.


Come Out

Eat organic vegan raw food for 2 days. Reintroduce cooked vegetarian foods on the 3rd day. Use what you've learned to create new habits. 




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Detox Product Kit


Curated by The Healist & PURE ON MAIN for your convenience, the Superfeel Detox Product Kit contains the highest quality natural products you need to do your 10-day detox including superfood mix, intestinal movement formula, drawing formula, detox tea, magnesium and enema set. Don't wait to detox because you don't have all the products you need in your home. Shop online with free shipping. Orders for the U.S. only.


Master the routine on Day 1.

Follow the recipes and the instructions for hydrating, nutrient saturating, and getting waste out faster. Be rigorous. Your discipline is your freedom. Your bodymind will do the rest, because it already knows how to let go. You can detox 5 days, 7 days, or make it all 10 days. It's easier and faster than preparing 3 meals a day. And it feels super!



Your Superfeel guides

Somatic-emotional therapist Camilla Griggers, PhD and colon hydrotherapist Natalie Boss, CCT believe bodymind detox is the remedy we're all really looking for. They have a disciplined message: there's no pill for self-care. Learn how to nourish and restore core health by letting go of the baggage and crap, and cleansing in a river of life you create.





Is this a fast? Will I be too tired to work?

The Superfeel Detox Challenge is not a fast. You won't be tired. In fact, you'll have more energy for life during the detox, and more time on your hands because you don't have to source 3 cooked meals a day. While these daily nutrients feed healthy cell metabolism, other components of the cleanse help eliminate waste faster. 

How much weight will I lose?

Usually about 5 to 10 lbs. We've seen up to 14 lbs. The weight you lose depends on how congested you were and how much waste you were walking around with before starting the detox. If you're a fit athlete detoxing to optimize energy and performance, you may lose less. But if you've never done a liver cleanse before, you may be surprised at what comes out of you after not eating solid cooked food for 10 days! 

What's this about a coffee enema?

This detox includes a daily coffee enema. If you've never done one, no worries, they're simple and easy to do. The coffee enema unleashes a potent antioxidant made by the liver that breaks down sediment and gunk and washes away stuck fecal matter on the colon walls. Be prepared for a spike in energy, emotional calm, and a focused mind. 

Who can do this detox?

Almost anyone can do this bodymind detox, but those under treatment by a doctor need to check in with their physician before detoxing. Those with diabetes, kidney disease or a heart condition, check in with your physician before starting any detox. Detox is not recommended for pregnant women who need to feed themselves and a baby. However, before conception is a great time for a woman to detox. People on prescription drugs need to wean off those drugs before detoxing. So re-evaluate your need for prescription drugs with your physician. 




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