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Sessions with The Healist

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Touch Talk & Feel Sessions

1-hour. 1-on-1 table sessions. $150

These somatic-emotional integration sessions are calming and restorative, done in a state of deep relaxation while lying fully clothed on a massage table. We use talk and touch simultaneously to locate stress lines in the fascia of the body that store embodied memories. These stress lines have a story and a history—a bodystory. By listening to the bodystory, touching the emotions embodied there, and talking about them, we bring unconscious patterns into consciousness. As a result, what you think, what you feel, what you say and what you do come into greater functional harmony — from taking care of yourself, to improving relationships to achieving goals.

Self-Care Plans

In person or by phone. $350

Personalized self-care plans are designed to help you reduce your risk of chronic illness and unhappiness, by setting realistic, incremental milestones for achieving health and wellness goals. Created in two 1-hour sessions, in person or by phone, with emails in between. Together, we do 3 assessments that provide info to strategize change: family history of chronic illnesses, self-care skills, and bodymindsets toward self-care.