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Somatic-Emotional Release & Integration Sessions

1-hour. 1-on-1 table sessions. $150

Sessions are calming and restorative, done in a state of deep relaxation while lying down fully clothed on a massage table. Our goal is to instigate change from within of an illness-causing bodymindset that feeds unhappiness, discomfort and pain. We do that by addressing mental, emotional and somatic dimensions as an integrated set. We start with guided meditation and gentle touch to de-excite the nervous system and induce a state of deep relaxation, dropping down into the slower brain wave frequencies where learning and healing are accelerated. Then we use talk and touch simultaneously to locate stress lines in the fascia and organs of the body connected to unconscious somatic-emotional-thought patterns and embodied memories. These stress lines have a story and a history, which we call a body story. By touching these physical stress lines, listening to the body stories, feeling the emotions embodied there, and talking about them, we help the bodymind to remember, release and adapt. In this way, clients can bring unconscious thought patterns, emotional postures and habitual behaviors into consciousness. And as a result, change their bodymindset to be less stressful and habitual, more adaptive and healthy, and free of psychic and physical pain. The process helps to integrate all the parts of the Self—the physical, the emotional and the mental—so that what you feel, what you think, and what you say and do are in greater harmony. It also helps people make permanent changes that last, because internal shifts are embodied.

10-Day Detox Coaching

Includes coaching by email and text during the detox, 1 in-person or phone session for emotional detox (1-hr), and downloadable coaching program and ebook. $250

If you’ve never done a detox before, and want coaching through the process, I'll guide you into, through and out of 10-days of detox using text, email and phone. Start by downloading the Superfeel Detox Challenge Coaching Program and the ebook. You are responsible for purchasing the detox products you’ll need and food items.

During this 10-day bodymind detox, people typically drop between 5 to 10 pounds of toxic metabolic and fecal waste into the toilet, not to mention what feels like a ton of emotional baggage. Detoxification is something our bodies do naturally every day to filter and eliminate pathogenic microbes, metabolic waste, food waste and fecal matter from the body via the liver/colon, and to eliminate lymphatic waste, toxins and microbes via the kidneys/bladder. It’s just common sense to nurture, cleanse and restore these core organs of detoxification and elimination on a regular basis for better health and emotional wellbeing. People typically rave about their detox experience afterwards, because the results are so dramatic and fast. In fact, the ancient practice of liver, colon and kidney detox has never been more necessary, as exposure to environmental toxins is greater than ever. When we are emotionally honest about all the micro-plastic, pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals and hard-to-digest foods that get into our bodies, we want to detox to restore vibrant health and emotional wellbeing. Read testimonials here to get inspired (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Personalized Self-Care Plan

In person, or by phone and email. $450

Personalized self-care plans are created in two 50-minute sessions over the course of 2 weeks, with emails in between.

We start with an assessment of your family history of chronic illnesses, and then do an assessment of your self-care skills in 12 areas: Basics Self-Care (oxygenation, hydration, eating smart), Core Health (gutbrain health, mouthbody care, detox), Self-Regulation (hormone balance, regulating immunity, de-stressing), and Adaptation (reducing exposure to toxins, exercise, sex/fertility). Using the two assessments, together we identify thought patterns, emotional postures and habitual behaviors you have toward health and wellbeing that increase your risk of chronic illness and mental and emotional distress. The assessments allow us to identify somatic-emotional-thought patterns—what I call bodymindsets—that increase your risk of chronic illness and unhappiness. Once we identify what they are, we target them for adaptive change, and create your personalized Self-Care Plan. The Plan includes 7 daily self-care rituals to embody the healthy changes only you can make. I help you set an intention to make the changes permanent by guiding you through 2 visualizations of your future healthier self—one in the near future, and one 5 years from now.


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Be comforted by empathetic listening and emotional honesty.

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Lift the lid on your cover story to dive deep with the wisdom of therapeutic touch.