What's your self-care plan?

Healthcare starts with a doctor's appointment. Self-care starts with an appointment with yourself. One of those is more fun, and efficient. Sign-up for a monthly subscription to our Self-Care Plan. 



12 months, 12 lessons, 12 practices. Sent to your inbox.  

Our lessons combine a written explanation, podcast session, meditation/visualization, recommended readings list, curated products list, and a healing music playlist. We leverage multiple somatic-emotional education techniques to break unconscious habitual behaviors that can increase your risk of chronic illness, so you can recognize and pivot unhealthy habits and emotional blockages. You'll also get access to our private Facebook group to get your questions answered, get inspiration, and share your progress. Plus access to all our info-products—ebooks, guides and programs—whenever you need them.  

We believe functional self-care is the missing piece in the puzzle of astronomical chronic disease rates. We also believe we each need to get emotionally honest about the role we play in creating our own ill health. We know from studies of avoidance that many people avoid making changes when it comes to their health, because they don’t know where to start. The Self-Care Plan breaks down the information you need into 12 easy-to-do monthly lessons. 

WHAT'S THE COST OF THIS PLAN?  $10 a month. That’s the price of the couple coffees, energy drinks, or drinks of alcohol you consumed last month that you didn’t need! There are a lot of other ways our $10/month Self-Care Plan is actually going to save you money. Because nothing is more costly than ill health. And what you don’t know can make you sick. 

Get some real peace of mind. You can start practicing better self-care at any time in your life. Enrollment is always open. But we hope you'll join us before a health crisis motivates change. Because the sooner you start real prevention practices based in self-care, the bigger the impact. And there's another reason—because we're all in this together. To really reduce chronic disease rates, we're going to have to make some big social changes that can only start with each of us transforming illness-causing habits into life-giving choices at the same time as a lot of other people. Join us. We can do this together.                                                              


There's no wait time for an appointment with yourself.

Whether you're motivated by a family history of chronic disease, a recent healing crisis, or a knowledge that your basic self-care skills could be better, our monthly plan provides the structure, tools and guidance to help you take your health and wellbeing to the next level. Our integrated bodymind approach addresses both physical habits and emotional patterns that increase your risk of chronic illness, helping you transform them into functional self-care skills that will last a lifetime.

What you will learn with our guidance and support:

  • "You Are Here" assessment of your family history of chronic diseases and your lifestyle habits that increase your risk. We give you feedback on your current self-care skills. What are you doing right? Where are the gaps? Where could you make strategic changes that would lower your risk?  

  • 12 self-care practices anyone can learn. Each month we have 30 days to raise your awareness, teach the basics, address emotional blockages, and integrate a few pivotal changes into your daily routine.  

  • Peace of mind from a clearer understanding of the known causes of chronic diseases, and what you can do to prevent them. 
  • More awareness and empowerment around your ability to shift thought patterns, emotional postures and dysfunctional habits toward better health.

Sample a self-care session

Settle in for a 20-30 minute audio session with Camilla Griggers, PhD to get your somatic, emotional and cultural therapy all rolled up in one. Each starts by getting you out of your head and into your body and heart for some straight-talking emotional honesty about what really ails you. And how to start changes today.

I’m a big fan of The Healist Self-Care Plan, and I recommend it highly. My story is that I was suffering upper back pain between my shoulder blades on the right side. I went to the doctor and he found nothing. I went to my chiropractor and I would feel better for a few days, and then the pain would come back again. I went for massage, and the same thing would happen. I was baffled. I had been practicing yoga seriously for 2 years. I went to an acupuncturist. I really thought I was taking care of myself. But it turns out there were a few things I didn’t know.

I was stressed out. I’m a cameraman, a cinematographer and director. And I had a big gig coming up where I would be carrying heavy camera equipment in rural areas of Nepal. Luckily a friend of mine referred me to The Healist, and I opted in for the Self-Care Plan beta.

What I learned in a few months changed everything. First I learned I was chronically dehydrated (and constipated as a result). Next I learned I had to start cooking organic whole foods for myself and stop eating out all the time. I learned I needed to reduce my excessive intake of sodium, and balance that with more potassium. But the next thing I learned was the real game changer. I learned how to detox my colon, liver and gallbladder. I did the Superfeel Detox that is part of the Plan, making it 7 out of 10 days on my first try. And guess what? My back pain completely went away. When 3 weeks later the pain started back up, I was on it. I did the detox again for 5 days, and the pain disappeared again. Now I know that the pain in my back was my dirty gallbladder and liver talking to me! I’ll be starting my new year’s resolutions with another detox, and I’m determined to make it all 10 days.

But that’s not even all...I was guided to do emotional healing at the same time. I needed to change how I was in relationship. Like why I wasn’t! My assignment was to start hugging everyone every time I came and went. That really opened my heart.
— Mark K.

Why 12 self-care practices?

Because we need to dive deeper than spa day and a foot massage to get to the bottom of it. Because 12 means we can spread some complexity over 12 months and still keep it simple and doable. Because 12 is divine. Because we can divide it up several ways. Our Plan is designed to make tangible changes quarterly. Q1 we address the basics: oxygenation, hydration and eating smart. Q2 we address detox, gut health and natural immunity. Q3 we address bodymind integration, mouthbody health and de-stressing your stress body. Q4 we address hormone balancing, reducing inflammation, and how to green your home. Quarter by quarter, we get you to better daily self-care, one month at a time.

What if I enjoy my habits and don't want to change?

Right. If you’re reading this, we know you know you need to make change. Maybe you know in your heart you eat too much sugary carbs, carry too much weight, or drink too much alcohol and sit too much. Maybe you're worried about those mercury amalgam fillings that are turning black in your mouth and grandma's dementia. Or heart disease. Maybe you even have cancer in your family. Or you're addicted to sleeping pills. Let us help you get started, make a plan, and stick to it. We think you know you are the biggest factor in your own health. Maybe you just need help getting started. That's why we're here.

How much time will my plan take every month?

We know you’re busy. We designed our monthly lessons to take about an hour, and our monthly self-care session podcasts to last about 20-30 minutes. Just sit back and listen, we’ll get you in and get you out quickly, helping you learn self-care practices that will make a huge difference in your long-term health. We leverage meditation and visualization techniques to open your consciousness to change, and somatic-emotional release techniques to remove emotional blockages. Next we throw a list of content at you that you should really pay attention to. And a list of music to open your heart to. Finally we guide you to specific actions you can take to make improvements immediately. The rest is practice, so we also inspire and prompt you along the way.

What if I have a genetic susceptibility?

Genetics alone can’t explain our explosion of chronic diseases. Any epidemiologist will tell you the big drivers in all this illness are environmental changes—in our food, in our water, in our environmental pollution, and in our daily lifestyles. Let us teach you the epigenetic factors that tell genes to turn on and turn off, and what you can do to lower your risk of chronic illnesses, even if you have a genetic susceptibility. Starting with changing your attitude about self-care.



Mouthbody Guide

The dentist you choose, and the kind of dentistry he or she provides, is one of the most important decisions you will make for your and your family's longterm health. This program guides you through that choice with 10 mouthbody lessons everyone should know before sitting in a dentist's chair, FAQs, good dentist directories, and questions to ask when interviewing dentists. Parents especially will want this resource for learning about good dentistry and finding a good dentist.

The Superfeel Detox Challenge

Need help cutting the crap? The Superfeel Detox Challenge helps you cleanse and restore your higher Self in 10 days by hydrating, nutrient saturating and flushing out colon, liver and kidneys, while purging 8 toxic thoughts and emotions that make people sick. Experience physical and emotional detox in one, while purging 5-10 lbs of metabolic & food waste to feel super and look great.