Sessions with Camilla Griggers, PhD, The Healist


Turn your breakup, breakdown, or downward spiral into a personal breakthrough by changing your bodymindset with The Healist. If you can look it in the face, touch it, feel it and talk about it, you can heal it. 50-minute 1-on-1 session or group workshop.




Emotional bodymind detox and integration feels centering, liberating and deeply healing. Because nothing feels better than being in healthy harmony within your Self, and practicing self-care. Let me get you started by helping you change non-adaptive and habitual somatic-emotional-mental patterns into functional bodymindsets that work for you.

Whatever your healing crisis is, together we look it in the face, touch it, feel it, embrace it, and talk about it. I specialize in healing crisis resolution, emotional bodymind integration and communication, emotional detox, somatic-emotional release and repatterning, relationship healing, intimacy, conscious conception and pregnancy, intergenerational family patterns, and prevention of family history of chronic disease.

I do in-person sessions and phone sessions.

I'm in Santa Monica, CA if you're in the LA area and want to meet in person. Or connect with me by phone.

Emotionally raw, brutally honest, deeply and doggedly systemic and integrational—I address all parts of you simultaneously, from your teeth and gut to your emotional body and repetitive mental thoughts. I teach you to shift somatic, emotional, psychological and mental patterns—what I call bodymindsets—that keep you from making timely changes to improve your physical health and emotional wellbeing. And I guide you through the process until you can do it on your own.

In our session, I'll connect with you where you are, listen with you to your body story, then help you dive deep to touch the healer within. I coach you to develop skills for Care of the Self, and educate you about specific practices to prevent chronic diseases if you have a family history. I also help you cut the cord of intergenerational family patterns that once made sense, but no longer are functional. A good thing to do before childbirth if you're pregnant. My goal for all my clients is better balance and healthier harmony among heart, body and mind so that you can be more functionally adaptive in the life you want to live. And as a result, more integrated in what you think, feel, say and do in regard to your physical health, mental peace of mind, and emotional wellbeing. Because they’re all connected.

GROUP WORKSHOP: Be a Sustainable Human

Send me a message with info about your group, we'll talk about pricing.

Bring The Healist on site to teach chronic disease prevention and sustainable self-care to your health, business or professional group.

This workshop challenges participants to take personal responsibility for their mental, physical and emotional health. They get guided through an emotional release of 12 bodymindsets that are making millions of Americans sick. Then they get coached in 12 prevention-oriented self-care practices and connected to learning resources. They leave with help assessing family history of chronic illnesses, and guidance for making a sustainable self-care plan.

A former university professor, Camilla Griggers’ workshop approach is based on tried-and-true literacy principles: if you can learn to operate your car or computer, you can learn to operate your own bodymind vehicle for better lifelong health. The only reason we all don’t know how already is because self-care literacy for chronic disease prevention fell through the cracks of institutional divisions. Teachers didn’t think it was their job, doctors weren’t trained to and often don’t have time, and most human resource staff thought providing a health care plan would be enough.

It wasn’t. 50% of Americans today already have one or more chronic disease, and we spend $1.7 trillion a year treating them. In addition, millennials are getting sicker faster than their parents. It’s not surprising, then, that the American divorce rate has also doubled since the 1990s, as the vow to love and cherish in sickness and in health has become more and more challenging for couples.

The natural remedy for this sick state of American health is a collective dose of chronic disease prevention and self-care literacy in your workplace. Because self-care is the first and best healthcare, the sooner you start, the bigger the ROI.

12 Self-Care Practices covered in the workshop:







Mouthbody Care

Gutbrain Health

Bodymind Detoxing


Hormone Balancing

Regulating Immunity



Avoiding Toxins

Integrating and Moving

Fertility, Pregnancy & Sex