Environmental toxins poison us in our ecosystem. Reduce your exposure. Chronic conditions: liver toxicity, kidney/bladder disease, colon disease, neurological disease, mental illness, genetic mutation, cancer. 



Approximately 10 million tons of toxic chemicals are released into our environment by industries each year. Of these, over 2 million tons per year are recognized carcinogens. Others are neurotoxins. Can we change fast enough?



Green everything. Read labels. Make conscious choices about food, water, toiletry products, cleaning products, indoor furniture, paint, carpet and flooring. Green your pest control in gardens and with pets. Your non-stick pots and pans. If it's toxic, avoid it. Don't buy it. Don't invest in it. Accept the reality of bioaccumulation, and start eliminating daily exposures you can control. Get real about nuclear tech. Imagine zero tolerance for radioactivity, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins. 



Reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals at home and work. Start with daily exposures first.

The real cause of our chronic disease epidemic is not genetic. It's epigenetic, meaning it's caused by environmental factors. We know that because genes don't change fast enough to explain the spike in chronic diseases in industrialized societies. But the explosion in environmental toxins explains it quite easily.

The problem stems from mainstream beliefs that risky practices are safer than they are. As a result, our society has acquiesced to widespread environmental toxins and risky practices that increase toxic exposure, from spraying pesticides and herbicides on food crops, to injecting newborns and infants with vaccines loaded with aluminum and mercury, to toxic plastic bottles and food packaging, to slathering petrochemical foamers and sudsers on our babies' bottoms to putting mercury amalgam fillings in teeth, to burning dirty coal and gas for energy, to nuclear technologies that create radioactivity incompatible with life and health. These are so many risks to human health that only we can change—because we created them.

If we each play our role, we can change all that. Start with cleaning up your personal environment. From the flame retardant in the mattress you sleep on every night to the paint on the walls to the EMF exposure to the toxins in your food and water, and in the air you breathe. Add it all up and then cube it to calculate bioaccumulation over time.

Then get to work cleaning up what is in your control. Stop poisoning yourself! Wake up! Turn the lights on. Just make sure they're not mercury-laden compact fluorescent lightbulbs. If they are, you need to get those out of your house or business. And you cannot throw them in the trash. Please do not do that; they have mercury in them. They need to be safely transported to a hazardous waste recycling center. If the bulb breaks in a room, you're supposed to call a haz mat team and evacuate. How many people know that who bought those CFL bulbs?

That's just one example of what we're all up against. Get informed. Reduce as many exposures as you can.



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