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Superfeel Detox Challenge

Need help cutting the crap? The Superfeel Detox Challenge helps you cleanse and restore your higher Self in 10 days by hydrating, nutrient saturating and flushing out colon, liver and kidneys, while purging  toxic thoughts and emotions that make people sick. Experience physical and emotional detox in one, while purging 5-10 lbs of metabolic & food waste to feel super and look great.



Mouthbody Guide

The dentist you choose, and the kind of dentistry he or she provides, is one of the most important decisions you will make for your and your family's longterm health. This program guides you through that choice to prevent 5 mouthbody problems everyone should know about before sitting in a dentist's chair. Includes FAQs, good dentist directories, and questions to ask when interviewing dentists. Parents especially will want this resource for learning about good dentistry and finding a good dentist.



Self-Care Plan

Coming in January. Health care plans are for making appointments with your doctor. Self-care plans are for making appointments with your self—for your every day health and future wellbeing. The Healist Self-Care Plan provides month-by-month guidance on what you need to know, and what you need to do, to transform unhealthy habits into daily practices of self-care.