The Healist is a healing space combining personal experiences, education and products to help you learn about, talk about and take action on self-care.


Mission: A fresh take on self-care that helps people reduce their risk of chronic disease.


Vision: A sustainable world of people who value and practice self-care for lifelong wellbeing. 



We each have our reasons to dive deep into well-being. We've been affected like everyone else. We've nurtured and nursed ill family members, friends and colleagues. We've been and are still on the healing journey ourselves. We've been out of balance and bounced back. So we decided to team up, combine our skill sets, and make it easier for you to make self-care a priority.

Camilla Griggers, PhD

I'm a lifelong educator who believes the emotions are the missing piece in the puzzle of chronic illnesses. And likewise, our emotions will tell us how to find our way home again to balance and wellbeing. I take a bodymind approach to help people up the ante on self-care—designing informational tools to help them take action on habitual behaviors, thought patterns and emotional postures that impact their health. My writings and podcasts take a 360 degree approach, helping people think, feel and act better by being more integrated in their bodily actions, thoughts, emotions and communications. I wish schools had taken more responsibility for teaching self-care practices as a form of literacy, because that's what they are. Self-care practices are my lifestyle at this point, not that I haven't been on many adventures. I like that, it keeps it real. Every day I live with the knowledge that I can never write anything in fewer words than Marni can. 

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Marni Borek

I'm a brand and marketing strategist, closet creative, and culture junkie. I've spent 17 years at ad agencies helping brands tell their stories and market their products everywhere they need to be, especially digital. I crave more authenticity in advertising and more visibility for brands that advocate for our collective well-being. I'm currently fine-tuning my self-care practices, dealing with my chronic dehydration, bread cravings and negative thought patterns. If I were to be completely honest, I struggle with turning what my brain knows about self-care into daily rituals. Every day I am lucky to witness Camilla get people (myself included) out of their heads and into their bodies and hearts. Wish I had been able to help my Dad heal so he could put his feet on the beach with me today.

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Angela Pih, Marketing and Public Relations. Laura Fuller, Editorial and Social Media