The Healist is a healing space combining personal experiences, education and products to help you learn about, talk about and take action on self-care for chronic disease prevention.


Mission: A fresh take on self-care that helps people reduce their risk of chronic disease.


Vision: A sustainable world of people who value and practice self-care for lifelong wellbeing. 





I'm a lifelong educator who believes the emotions are the missing piece in the puzzle of chronic illnesses. And likewise, our emotions will tell us how to find our way home again to balance and wellbeing. I take a bodymind approach to help people up the ante on self-care—designing informational tools to help them take action on habitual behaviors, thought patterns and emotional postures that impact their health. My writings and podcasts take a 360 degree approach, helping people think, feel and act better by being more integrated in their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. I wish schools had taken more responsibility for teaching self-care practices as a form of literacy, because that's what they are. They can be taught, and they can be learned. Self-care practices are my lifestyle at this point, not that I haven't been on many adventures. I like that, it keeps it real.

I have my reasons to dive deep into well-being. I've been affected like everyone else. I've nurtured and nursed ill family members, friends and colleagues. I've been and am still on the healing journey myself. I've been out of balance and bounced back. Integrating what I've learned from my healing journey, my goal is to make it easier for you to make self-care a priority. 

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I'm a brand and marketing  consultant with 17 years experience helping technology and lifestyle brands helping brands tell their stories, especially across digital platforms.  You can find out more about me here