Oxygen is  alkalinizing and feeds cell metabolism for energy. Chronic conditions to prevent: hypoxia, anemia, asthma, sinusitis, pulmonary disease, sleep apnea, epilepsy. 



Chronic hypoxia (lack of oxygen), sitting and sedentary lifestyle, carbon monoxide exposure from automobile traffic, CO2 emissions from burning carbon, agricultural practices and animal husbandry releasing carbon into the atmosphere, indoor air pollution, recurrent sinusitis or bronchitis, allergies, lung disease, mouth breathing and shallow breathing, misalignment of the jaw from poor dentistry, snoring, sleep apnea, epilepsy.



When sitting take regular breaks to move and breathe, practice deep breathing, exercise regularly, install an air filter, replace antibiotics with oxygen therapies including ozone therapy and food-grade hydrogen peroxide therapy, find a systemic dentist specializing in structural dentistry for proper alignment of the jaw, invest in renewable clean energy and sustainable agriculture.



24,000 breaths a day pump oxygen-rich blood to every cell in your being. Make the most of them.

Living day after day without enough oxygen to feed cell metabolism will make anyone sick and tired over time. Chronic hypoxia drains the life out of you. Too much carbon dioxide makes you acidic and feeds anaerobic microbes. What we crave is alkalinizing oxygen to feed aerobic bacteria and healthy cell metabolism. Carbon monoxide from car exhaust steals more oxygen.

Oxygen is the Breath of Life. Hang out with trees more. Garden. Take regular walks in nature or in a park. Live and exercise away from traffic. Vacation in forests, on mountain tops, in high deserts and secluded beaches. Create indoor plant walls. Invest in a good air filter.

If you want healthy cell metabolism, you need plenty of oxygen. If you want healthy lungs, heart, brain, gut and blood, suck in more fresh air and move it down to your toes. You also need enough iron for healthy hemoglobin to carry more oxygen in your blood. Oxygen is alkalinizing and energizing; acidosis leads to illness and fatigue. Replace antibiotics with oxygen therapies such as ozone therapy and food grade H2O2 therapy to get oxygenated and kill pathogenic microbes at the same time. Learn to use a neti pot or hapé pipe to clear sinus congestion and soothe membranes. And step away from the steroid inhaler if you've become addicted, steroids cause bleeding stomach ulcers, weaken immunity and can make asthma worse over time.

In the bigger picture, consider buying an electric car and a portable solar charging station. The sooner we all leave behind dirty carbon energy and replace it with renewables, the better for health and wellbeing. Oxygen is precious to life. We need it to be sustainable.

Beginning at birth. Prevent immediate cord cutting—it robs newborns of the oxygen-rich and stem-cell rich blood they need to be well, setting them up for hypoxia, asthma, allergies and autism later. Cut the cord only after it stops pulsing and turns white. If you give birth in a hospital, make sure you do not sign over the right to dispose of your child's umbilical cord to the hospital. Doing so authorizes immediate cord cutting and harvesting the baby's stem cells to sell. Babies need those stem cells for healthy lungs and blood, and need mother's oxygen while learning how to breathe. Take control of cutting the cord when it's time, and not before. Immediate cord cutting is associated with higher risk of autism, hypoxia and immune dysregulation (allergies, asthma). It's also not a gentle or loving way to be born into this world. Ask a doula. Find a midwife. Learn about natural childbirth.

If you have structural problems breathing through your nose, make sure you have a good structural dentist to assure that your jaw is aligned properly, and that you have no toxic mercury vapor poisoning your sinuses from mercury amalgam dental fillings.