Body Psychology of Chronic Disease

Emotional reset for the physical body. Learn to re-pattern illness-causing feelings, thoughts and behaviors into adaptive bodymindsets for lifelong health and happiness. “Not today?” Exactly.

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Superfeel Detox Challenge

Physical reset for the emotional body. Manage your own waste to detox your emotions and clear your head. In this 10-day bodymind detox, you'll lose 5-10 lbs. of emotional baggage and physical waste while hydrating, alkalinizing and restoring core health. Bodymind detox is a core self-care practice for reducing your risk of chronic disease.  

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Mouthbody Care

Mental reset for the mouthbody. Once you get the mouthbody connection, you'll know how to make good choices as a consumer of dental services and products—from your dentist and your toothpaste to dental treatments and materials. Know what to ask for, you’ll find it. Get informed before you sit in a dentist's chair—or put your child in one.

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The Good Dentist

Paradigm shift for good dentistry. Systemic dentist Dr. Alireza Panahpour explains the mouthbody connection. A new kind of dentistry— based on an understanding that what happens in your mouth impacts your whole body— makes going to the dentist less invasive, less stressful and more conducive to your long-term wellbeing. This book is great for dentists and patients with questions.