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Embodied Self-Care Plans 


Real time psychophysical coaching.

Bring The Healist on site to teach chronic disease prevention and sustainable self-care to your school, business or professional group.


Self-Care Workshops show participants how to take personal responsibility for their mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Participants get instruction on the basics, core health, self-regulation and adaptation skills. They get help assessing family history of chronic disease and guidance making a sustainable self-care plan.

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Self-care is the first and best health care.

Camilla bringing The Healist self-care practices to Cathy and Sally Dew at 2plus2, Oakland.

A former university professor, Camilla’s workshop approach is based on tried-and-true literacy principles—if you can learn to operate your car or computer, you can learn to operate your own bodymind vehicle for better lifelong health. Somatic education techniques make learning fast and fun.

Why don't most Americans already know functional self-care? Because self-care literacy for chronic disease prevention fell through the cracks of institutional divisions. Teachers didn’t think it was their job. Doctors weren’t trained to do it, and often don’t have time. Therapists themselves often don't know holistic self-care and systemic bodymind approaches to health. And too many human resource staff assumed a health care plan would be enough.

It wasn’t. 50% of Americans today already have one or more chronic disease, and we spend $1.7 trillion a year treating them. The problem is hardly limited to Baby Boomers. Turns out Millennials, Gen Y and Gen Z are all getting sicker faster than their parents. A natural remedy for this sick state of American health is a collective dose of chronic disease prevention and self-care literacy in your workplace or school.

Preventing chronic illness is better than treating it. And it's more cost-effective. The Healist provides tools (downloadable ebooks and programs), literacy coaching (12 self-care practices) and resources (self-care lists).


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