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Healing Starts Here.

Because you are the biggest factor in your lifelong health and happiness.

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Camilla Griggers, PhD

I’m a somatic-emotional therapist & educator integrating touch-talk therapy and meditation with chronic illness prevention education. My mission is to help you change bodymindsets that cause illness and disharmony into ones that are sustainable and healthy. Not today? Didn’t see it coming? Exactly.

When we take personal responsibility to heal, we transform from being patients to being healists—sustainable humans who heal mindbody imbalances and prevent chronic illness and distress. 

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Touch it. Feel it. Heal it.


It’s your body story, and it’s our story together.

50% of Americans already have one or more chronic illness, including mental illness and emotional imbalance. You can change that by changing your bodymindset about holistic self-care. Because consciousness is embodied, self-care is the first and most important health care for people and planet.

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