Superfeel Detox Challenge

Superfeel Detox Challenge


Physical reset for the emotional body. Manage your own waste to detox your emotions and clear your head. In this 10-day bodymind detox, you'll lose 5-10 lbs. of emotional baggage and physical waste while hydrating, alkalinizing and restoring core health. Bodymind detox is a core self-care practice for reducing your risk of chronic disease.  

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We have a waste management problem as a society and as individuals.


And the only way to change it is for each of us to take personal responsibility to clean up our crap!

Starting with getting more emotionally honest about the social causes of our chronic ill health and the personal role we each play in creating it. In this 10-day bodymind detox, The Healist and colon hydrotherapist Natalie Boss, CCT challenge you to clean up your act by cleansing and restoring your core organs of detoxification and elimination—colon, liver and kidneys. They show you how to let go of extra weight, toxic waste and negative emotions to restore and regenerate your higher and healthier Self.

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If you’ve been feeling stuck in mind, body and spirit, you will literally feel super again in just 10 days.

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Designed for people on the go

Designed to give quick nutrients to people on the go, this detox is a mainstream version of the Gerson Therapy’s get-down-to-business raw juices and coffee enemas, with superfood meal replacements, grandma’s potassium-rich vegetable broth, and an emotional detox toolkit to help you let go of stuck emotions while holding a safe space for others to release charged emotional memories and stuck feelings.


The result is a purge of 5-10 lbs of toxic food and metabolic waste, more energy and hormone balance from a clean liver, and a clearer, more emotionally stable Inner Self.

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Get the skinny. Then get going managing your waste.

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