Sitting is the new smoking. Move and integrate your bodymind for better health. Chronic conditions: hypoxia, obesity, congested organs, constipation, depression, insomnia, fatigue. 



Sedentary lifestyle, sitting, lack of sunshine, emotional blockages, negative thinking, body/mind separation, repetitive thought forms, avoidance.



Adapt, change, evolve. Get up and move. Get some sun every day for Vitamin D metabolism. Breathe in fresh air. Exercise bones, joints and muscles. Integrate body, mind and emotions to manifest your Higher Self.



Movement is how we survive as a species. It's our human technology.

Humans evolved to move. We think to move. And we move to think. Our emotions move through us and between us. Our vertical ambulation, stereoscopic eyes and big brain nervous system co-evolved. They're all connected by the need to move through the constantly changing dynamic reality of spacetime. We're not trees. We evolved to run full speed through a forest of trees without running into one. When we lie down at the end of our journey on this planet and stop moving, the vultures circle. Death is near. Movement is life.

Movement is also change as we navigate through time. So while we need to exercise physically to get our lungs pumping oxygen-rich blood to all our cells and to squeeze lymphatic fluid carrying stale and toxic waste out of the body, to keep joints lubricated and bones strong and growing, organs stretched and compressed, muscles flexed and contracted—while all of that is physically necessary for health, we also need to move emotionally, mentally and spiritually to continue to evolve and adapt throughout our lifetime.

That is true for us as individuals and as a collective. Survival is successful adaptation. The inability to change fast enough is extinction.

Bodymind integration is how we update our OS to make adaptive changes in our bodymindset. When we Integrate body, mind and emotions, what we think, what we say, what we feel, and what we do is in harmony. We evolve naturally. We change. We grow. 

Somatic-emotional patterning is part of our intelligence. Being able to update old habitual patterns with new ones that are more adaptive keeps us young and evolving even in old age. This process of movement, integration and change is timeless for us. It's all we know. And when we can't do that, we become ill. Health is adaptive growth and change. Illness is stagnation and inertia. If you're stuck, move. Change something. Try something new. Experiment. Take a risk. Reach for the sky. Envision a better future, then figure out how to get yourself there.