Learn the mouthbody connection.  Avoid root canals and mercury fillings. Chronic conditions: biofilm, caries, chronic tooth socket infection, mercury poisoning, TMJ, stroke, MS. 



Conventional dentistry promotes cheap toxic dental materials and invasive procedures like drilling, root canals and prophylactic extraction of wisdom teeth that cause chronic toxicity and chronic focal infections. Nutrient-depleted diets lead to tooth decay and chronic dehydration causes gum disease. Health insurance and dental insurance are separate; they shouldn't be.



Find a good systemic, biological or holistic dentist. Invest in mouthbody health. Good dentistry isn't cheap dentistry, but it's more cost-effective over a lifetime. Clean up your diet; replace sugar and carbs with organic nutritious whole foods, including less meat and more vegetables. Get your Vitamin D and minerals (calcium, potassium and magnesium) for healthy bones and teeth.



Your mouth is connected to the rest of you. Tooth decay is a sign of poor nutrition and dehydration.

Healthy teeth, gums and tongue are a sign of overall good health. If you want a healthy mouth, you need a healthy body, and vice versa. The two are inextricably linked. Your jaw is inches from your brain and sinuses, your mouth is part of your gut, it's lymph drains into your chest, breasts, and heart. Your tonsils and adenoids are guardians of your immune system. Your teeth are part of your skeleton; weak teeth and osteoporosis go hand in hand.

Given that conventional dentistry has fallen horribly out of sync with the times, you will have to take personal responsibility for your dentistry and mouthbody care. Choosing your dentist will be one of the most important choices you make for your overall health and wellbeing. Make that choice carefully before you sit in a dentist's chair. Do your research, ask question, interview dentists, ask to see their CV. If you're making that choice for a child, ask even more questions before you put them in a dentist's chair. They can't ask for themselves. They depend on you to make a good choice for them.

Get engaged. Encourage your doctor to talk to your dentist and vice versa if you have chronic health issues. Use thermography to see chronic infections in the mouth that may not be visible to the naked eye. Do the research on root canals. Once you have one it's a matter of time before it becomes infected, and once infected it increases your risk of autoimmune disease, MS, cancer, heart disease and stroke—not to mention infection of the adjacent teeth through the tooth sockets in the jaw. Therefore, decline root canals, and if you already have them replace them with zirconium implants.

If you have a white film on your tongue, you probably have candida fungus overgrowth. Cut the sugar and carbs. Detox. Clean up your diet. Mineral-rich nutritious whole foods provide the real nutrients your body needs to create healthy teeth and gums. Clean electrolyte-rich water hydrates teeth and mouth. Do not brush your teeth with commercial toothpastes with fluoride and foaming agents. Those are toxins you don't need in your mouth every day. Scrape your tongue every morning. Floss.