Be a conscious consumer of dental services.

Before you get in a dentist's chair and open your mouth, or ask your child to, get informed about the new dental care. Drilling teeth, mercury amalgam fillings, root canals, early wisdom tooth extractions, braces, gum disease, recurrent cavities—get the info you need to avoid all these problems that can increase your risk of chronic illnesses. There's a systemic dentistry on the rise that you need to know about. One based on the mouthbody connection.


The Healist Mouthbody Guide

This practical guide explains the difference between the old conventional dentistry that is toxic and invasive and a new dentistry based on the mouthbody connection that is minimally-invasive, non-toxic and safe. Which one you choose will be one of the most important decisions you'll make for your, and your family's lifelong health.

The guide covers 5 common dental problems you can remedy or avoid altogether. Because your mouth is connected to the rest of you, all of them increase your risk of chronic diseases, including cancer, autoimmune disease, stroke, diabetes, MS and dementia.

Includes FAQs, good dentist directories, and questions to ask when interviewing dentists. Parents especially will want to read this guide before they take their child to a dentist for the first time. Because drilling a tooth damages it for life, and a new breed of dentists have better treatments to offer that don't involve drilling and mercury amalgam. This guide will help you understand the mouthbody connection, so you can make informed decisions about the kind of dentistry you want for you and your family. These 5 dental issues are addressed in brief, concise chapters: 

  • Toxic mercury amalgam fillings & how to safely remove

  • Root canals & risk of chronic infections
  • Unnecessary wisdom tooth extractions & hidden jaw infections
  • Bite misalignment & TMJ
  • Gum disease and dysbiosis in the mouth





Get a systemic dentist's point of view. Read The Good Dentist.

Dentist Alireza Panahpour, DDS teams up with wellness writer and Healist founder Camilla Griggers, PhD to tell a riveting story of his rude awakening in dental school to the realities of a toxic and invasive dentistry that has become the norm in the U.S. Then he shares how he came to change all that.

Choosing another path led him to become one of the foremost systemic dentists in the world. Dr. Panahpour shares case stories to open readers' eyes to a better way to care for the mouth as an integrated part of the whole person. He explains the new standards of practices that make systemic, biological and holistic dentistry radically different from what the American Dental Association has promoted and regulated. Dedicated to children everywhere, he promotes a new dentistry that doesn't harm children by drilling and filling, that avoids invasive root canals and early wisdom tooth extractions, and that uses safe dental materials designed to last a lifetime, and to reduce the risk of chronic systemic illnesses.

Dr. Panahpour calls out to conventional dentists to let go of the past, and join the movement to change dentistry as we have known it. This book is a great resource for understanding what dental issues have to do with chronic illnesses. The book provides in-depth dental information with images to help dentists and doctors, as well as patients, who want to learn about the new oral-systemic paradigm. 




The Superfeel Detox

Need help cutting the crap? The Superfeel Detox Challenge helps you cleanse and restore your higher Self in 10 days by hydrating, nutrient saturating and flushing out colon, liver and kidneys. Experience physical and emotional detox in one, while purging 5-10 lbs of metabolic & food waste to feel super and look great. If you're feeling less than well, or you want to optimize your health, start with the basics of good self-care. This detox gets you started in 5 key areas: hydration, nutrient saturation, detoxification, oxygenation and bodymind integration.