Natural immunity is passed by mothers in cord blood & breast milk, damaged by antibiotics & vaccines. Chronic conditions: kidney disease, chronic infections, autoimmunity, IBD, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, autism.



Overuse of antibiotics and vaccines particularly among pregnant women, newborns, infants and young children. Immediate umbilical cord cutting in hospital births. Baby formula replacing breast milk. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria like Lyme and others cultured on farms and in hospitals like MAP, cellulitis, c. difficile and MRSA. Vitamin D deficiency. Chronic infections in the mouth.



Identify chronic infections and treat them rather than live with them. Avoid root canals because they cause infected tooth sockets. Treat gum disease and leaky gut. Build natural immunity by learning natural remedies to avoid overuse of antibiotics and vaccines. Do not allow immediate cord cutting of a newborn's umbilical cord. Stem cells and immune factors are in the mother's blood in the placenta, and belong with the baby. Leave the cord intact until it stops pulsing. Breast feed for as long as possible; every year of breast milk yields 5 years of immunity.



Overuse of antibiotics and vaccines have blocked many people from developing innate natural immunity. 

Hydration, nutrient saturation, and detoxification are the building blocks of natural immunity. If we want healthy immunity, we need innate immune system regulation, requiring a healthy gut microbiome, appendix, liver and kidneys, and good lymphatic drainage. We need enough Vitamin D and oleic acid to make Macrophage Activating Factor, the marker for our white blood cells—the trash collectors of our immune system.

Immune system activation in mothers during pregnancy can affect the longterm immunity of children, increasing the risk of autism, especially if aluminum adjuvant is used in vaccines given pregnant women. Immediate cord cutting deprives newborns not only of oxygen in cord blood, but also stem cells and immune factors. For healthy development of a well functioning immune system, newborns need cord blood like they need breast milk. Both are key to optimal immunity. A healthy microbiome plays a key role in developing natural immunity. Microbiome inoculation makes natural vaginal birth better for the child's immunity than elective C-section. Natural birth is also better for mom, whose microbiome will be damaged by antibiotics. 

Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) should be considered as a better alternative to antibiotics in cases of chronic infections of the gut and colon, like colitis and Crohn's. Many cases of FMT document natural immunity restored in a matter of days. Multiple rounds of antibiotics often make these conditions worse. 


Many autoimmune diseases are caused by chronic infections including leaky gut syndrome and hidden infections in the mouth from infected root canals or abscesses in empty tooth sockets in the jaw from improperly extracted wisdom teeth. Antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections from Lyme, gut tuberculosis (MAP), clostridium difficile, MRSA and cellulitis have to be treated successfully to prevent chronic immune system activation. Chronic inflammation is painful, but while the pain may be felt in joints or even in the brain, the source of the problem is often in the gut, or in the mouth if a chronic oral infection is involved.

Chronic inflammation from constant immune system activation increases the risk of cancer, as well as diabetes, colitis, nephritis, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer's and autism. Pervasive challenges to natural immunity include immediate cord cutting (ICC), overuse of antibiotics and vaccines including vaccination of pregnant women and newborns, poor nutrition in the modern diet, and factory farms that douse animal feed with antibiotics. Adaptive responses include eliminating allergenic foods like wheat, pasteurized dairy and nuts, finding and healing chronic infections, and reducing runaway inflammation. 

A healthy immune system supports a healthy gutbrain and healthy endocrine glands. And the reverse is true. For natural immunity we depend on gut health, because so much of our immune system is in our gut. We also know that adrenal and ovarian hormones affect the secretion of cytokines by cells of the immune system.