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e-Books from The Healist to inform, guide and inspire healthy change.


Change Your Bodymindset

The Body Psychology of Chronic Illness



Superfeel Detox Challenge

Detox Coaching Program


The Superfeel Detox Coaching Program is designed for first time detoxers and those who talk about detox but have trouble doing one. We take you by the hand, and walk you through step-by-step. Includes the Superfeel Detox Challenge e-book, instructions, audio lessons, video of recipes, emotional detox toolkit, and worksheets.


Mouthbody Care


Mental reset for the mouthbody. Once you get the mouthbody connection, you'll know how to make good choices as a consumer of dental services and products—from your dentist and your toothpaste to dental treatments and materials. Know what to ask for, you’ll find it. Get informed before you sit in a dentist's chair—or put your child in one.