Detoxing waste and toxins supports core health. Chronic conditions to prevent: gallstones, kidney stones, constipation, fatty liver, cystic kidneys and irritated bladder.



Overload of environmental toxins, poor elimination of metabolic and food waste, chronic constipation, chronic infections, kidney/bladder toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, gallstones and kidney stones, liver inflammation, cystitis, poor lymphatic drainage, toxic emotions, and overmedication with pharmaceutical drugs.



Detox regularly.  Take personal responsibility for your waste management, both physical and emotional. Stop cramming yourself full of processed cooked food and clean up your crap. A clean liver, kidneys and colon are key to mental health, emotional stability, hormone health, healthy blood and cardiovascular system, healthy immunity, and digestive health.  



Adult diapers are trending. Clean up your act by detoxing liver, kidneys and colon for optimal lifelong health.

Every culture in recorded history has practices of detoxification to support health and wellbeing. These practices are as important today as ever, because of the sheer number of environmental toxins in our food, water and air. If you want to stay healthy for life, plan at least one detox a year to support optimal physical, emotional and mental health. Our bodies are detoxing every day in the background of our busy lives. We can support that process by setting aside a week to two weeks to detox.

The principle of detox is pretty straightforward. Get toxic waste out faster than it comes in. How do you do that? First, stop chewing cooked food three times a day. Then switch to liquid nutrients like raw vegetable juices, potassium-rich veggie broth, superfood drinks, and coconut water. Add detoxifying drinks like spicy lemonade with cayenne pepper and herbal detox teas. Add magnesium supplement and intestinal movement formula to cleanse the colon, add a binding agent to grab toxins, and do a daily coffee enema to flush the liver. Or go to a colon hydrotherapist and ask for a coffee or chlorophyll treatment. Once the colon is open and clean, we can flush the liver without fear of a constipated colon holding toxins too long until they are reabsorbed back into the blood stream, causing toxic headache or achy muscles or joints.

By detoxing, we cleanse, hydrate, nutrient saturate, and restore our core organs of detoxification and elimination. When the liver, kidneys and colon are cleansed and restored, the corresponding organs of the gallbladder, bladder and intestines are also cleansed and restored. Liver and kidneys filter our blood and catch pathogenic microbes to be eliminated through the colon and bladder, so we directly support cardiovascular health and immunity by taking personal responsibility to detox. The liver regulates a variety of hormones that regulate blood pressure, tell the pancreas when to make insulin, and tell the bones when to make blood platelets. The liver also metabolizes estrogen and testosterone. So the liver is important for hormone health. In addition, the liver metabolizes Macrophage Activating Factor, the marker that tells white blood cell macrophages what to phagocytize and take out in the trash—including cancer cells, viruses and pathogenic bacteria. And the liver makes the enzyme glutathione—known as the mother of all antioxidants—that is our primary garbage cleaner.

For all these reasons, cleansing the core organs of detoxification and elimination is a foundational practice for Care of the Self. If you've never done a detox, it's time.