Sitting is the new smoking. Move and integrate your bodymind for better health. Chronic conditions: hypoxia, obesity, congested organs, constipation, depression, insomnia, fatigue. 



Sedentary lifestyle, sitting, lack of sunshine, emotional blockages, negative thinking, body/mind separation, repetitive thought forms, avoidance.



Adapt, change, evolve. Get up and move. Get some sun every day for Vitamin D metabolism. Breathe in fresh air. Exercise bones, joints and muscles. Bring body, mind and emotions together to manifest your Higher Self. Integrate what you know with what you say, with what you feel and what you do.



Movement is how we survive as a species. It's our human technology.

We humans evolved to move. We think to move. And we move to think. Integration is how we update our OS.

Our big brains navigate us as we make our way in spacetime, through constantly changing environments.  vertical ambulation and  about us If you want healthy cell metabolism, you need plenty of oxygen. If you want healthy lungs, heart, brain, blood and microbiome, suck in more fresh air and move it down to your toes. Get enough iron for healthy hemoglobin. Acidosis leads to illness and fatigue; oxygen is alkalinizing and energizing. Learn about ozone and oxygen therapies to prevent overuse of antibiotics. Use shallow breathing technique to quell an asthma attack to prevent overuse of steroid inhalers. Prevent immediate cord cutting at birth—it robs newborns of the oxygen-rich and stem-cell rich blood they need to be well. Cut the cord only after it stops pulsing and turns white.

Living day after day without enough oxygen to feed cell metabolism will make anyone sick and tired over time. Chronic hypoxia drains the life out of you. Too much carbon dioxide makes you acidic and feeds anaerobic microbes when we what we crave is alkalinizing oxygen to feed aerobic bacteria and healthy cell metabolism. That balance is key to overall health. That's why it's called the Breath of Life.

Given the challenges, you may need to make adaptive changes. Hang out with the tree people. Take regular walks on the beach or in a park. Live and exercise away from traffic. Vacation in forests, on mountain tops, in high deserts and secluded beaches. Create indoor plant walls. Get an air filter. Buy an electric car and a portable solar charging station. Learn to use a neti pot or hapé pipe for sinus problems. Replace antibiotics with ozone therapy and food grade H2O2 therapy. Avoid eating allergenic inflammatory foods. And step away from the steroid inhaler if you've become addicted. If you give birth in a hospital, make sure you do not sign over the right to dispose of your child's umbilical cord to the hospital. Doing so authorizes immediate cord cutting and the taking of the baby's umbilical cord for stem cell harvesting. Your baby needs those stem cells for healthy lungs and blood, and needs mother's oxygen while learning how to breathe. Take control of cutting the cord when it's time, and not before. Acute hypoxia at birth from immediate cord cutting isn't an ideal way to begin life on planet Earth.



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