Water hydrates blood and organs, and flushes waste. Chronic conditions: gum & heart disease, kidney/bladder disease, diabetes, gallstones, indigestion. 



Americans drink everything but water, and lack mineral electrolytes like magnesium and potassium for proper cell hydration. Tap water is contaminated with fluoride and chloramine, agricultural runoff including pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, industrial cleaners, and the bacteria that survive all that. Fresh water shortages are accelerated by water pollution from nuclear weapons, waste and accidents, oil spills, fracking runoff, industrial waste dumps, land fills, acid rain and desertification.



Drink water when you rise and throughout the day, avoid plastic bottles, filter your tap and shower,  mineralize drinking and bathing water, conserve. Get your electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, sodium) and get them in the right ratio (potassium to sodium ratio is 2:1). Flush toilets less, drink water more. Support organic farms that don't pollute downstream.


Water is the River of Life, bringing nutrients to cells, washing away metabolic and organ waste and regulating body temperature.

Hydrating seems simple. But hundreds of millions of Americans don't drink enough water. Instead they buy and gulp sodas, energy drinks, coffee drinks, and alcohol—all dehydrating.

Pain is a common symptom of dehydration. Shoulders ache? Headache? Drink some water. Joints ache? Drink some water. Stomach hurt? Drink some water. Indigestion? Drink some water. But do it at least 30 minutes before eating, and 1 to 2 hours after, not during eating when water dilutes HCL stomach acid. You also need to get enough minerals in your diet to make stomach acid in the first place, not to mention enough electrolytes to get water across cell membranes. Source quality mineral supplements if you suspect you're deficient. Colloidal minerals are easier to absorb.

If you feel pain from chronic dehydration, and you resort to pharmaceutical painkillers and pain relievers, you've created a real vicious circle. Because pharmaceutical pain killers and relievers are all dehydrating, and therefore constipating—causing more pain. Get off the pain train. Drink more water.

Living day after day dehydrated not only creates more pain in your life, it also increases your risk of every chronic disease—from diabetes to arthritis to cancer to Alzheimer's. Dehydration causes fatty congested cystic tissues in liver and kidneys (fat has less water than lean muscle tissue). It causes bladder infections and irritation. It causes gallstones and kidney stones. Talk about pain. It causes constipation. Talk about sluggish. It causes brain fog, disorientation and depression. It causes bile to dry up and turn to sludge. It causes dried up kidneys associated with chronic anxiety and fear. And, if you have a high toxic bioburden, dehydration causes toxins to linger in your sluggish thick blood, where they can make you sick.

If you know you walk around dehydrated most days, you need to make adaptive changes. Healthy cell metabolism depends on water. Healthy blood depends on water. Healthy lymphatic drainage depends on water. And healthy digestion, absorption and elimination depend on water. We are water—about 60%. Water feeds our river of life.

If you want healthy blood and brain, stomach and pancreas, heart and lungs, liver and gallbladder, intestines and colon, and kidneys and bladder—drink enough clean fresh water. Keep your mouth moist to hydrate healthy gums and teeth.

Watch your salt intake and avoid pure sodium refined salt. Instead choose Himalayan pink salt rich in other minerals and trace elements. To get water across cell walls, you need twice as much potassium as sodium. Balance your ratio, and mind that balance. If you know you just ate too much sodium because you feel like you just got sucked dry from the inside out and you feel puffy and congested, make a pot of potassium-rich vegetable broth and start sipping. Drink some coconut water. Eat some beets, celery, carrots and potato skins. Need to supplement? Look for potassium gluconate or a combo with potassium phosphate and potassium acetate. But avoid the cheaper potassium citrate, we don't like that one.

Drink more water to flush toxins and eliminate them. Get water filters for tap and shower that filter fluoride and chloramine. Sip water throughout the day. Avoid dry dehydrating foods—like breads and pastries and pasta—that require a lot of water to digest and eliminate. Have a newborn and having trouble making enough breastmilk? Drink more water. Get your electrolytes.



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