1-on-1. Look it in the face, touch it, feel it and talk about it.

50 minutes. In person or by phone. $175

Expect to practice emotional honesty to get to the bottom of it, whatever "it" is. Whether it's mixing pharma pills and alcohol, or struggling to make healthy changes to be well that only you can make, or being challenged by healthy eating, or avoiding change in your intimate relationship or avoiding relationship altogether. Whatever it is, you'll learn to look it in the face, feel it, touch it, and talk about it—to heal it.

Camilla's approach is holistic. She'll ask you about your family history of chronic disease, intergenerational family patterns, your history of medical treatments, and what kind of dentistry you’ve had. She'll talk to you about your self-care skills. Then she'll dive deep with you into somatic memories for emotional release work, triggering a bodymindset reboot, releasing habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and doing that are no longer adaptive or healthy and that may be blocking you from sustainable health and happiness. Be prepared to be challenged to take personal responsibility for your physical waste and emotional baggage with a 10-day bodymind detox Camilla developed with Natalie Boss, a colon hydrotherapist.

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If you choose to work with Camilla, don’t be surprised by her unrelenting emotional honesty. Or her skill at empathetic listening.

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Or her uncanny ability to lift the lid on your cover story. Or her healing touch.