1-on-1 Somatic-Emotional Release Session

50 minutes. In person, clothed table sessions. $150

Our goal together is to find somatic-emotional points of pain, discomfort and imbalance. Touch them, look them in the face, talk about them, and release them. The result is an emotional bodymindset reboot that feels detoxifying, restorative and healing.

If you're struggling to make healthy changes that only you can make in regard to life challenges facing you—whether from stress, relationships, work, life purpose or health (it's all connected)— we'll follow the emotional feeling of it in your body, touch it, and talk about it in order awaken your inner capacity to heal and adapt. Somatic-emotional release work is done lying down, dropping into a deep state of relaxation. Sessions start with guided breathing meditation to de-excite the nervous system, combined with therapeutic touch to release tension from the musculoskeletal and fascial network. Patterns of tension have a history recorded in embodied memories, emotional postures, unconscious thought patterns, and habitual behaviors—what I call a bodymindset. When you touch it and release it, sometimes the healing process is a subtle rebalance of a particular part of you that is stressed and needs attention, nurturance and reintegration in order to return to balance. Sometimes the healing process is a healing crisis, where transformation is dramatic and systemic within your whole person.

Somatic-emotional release work is this journey of personal adjustment and transformation in which we listen to the bodymind, integrate parts that are out of harmony, and restore wholeness. Because body sensations and emotions are central to the work, it feels restorative and embodied compared to sitting in a chair talking.

10-day Bodymind Detox Coaching

In person or by email and phone. $500

Detox coaching includes the Superfeel Detox Challenge Coaching Program which includes an emotional detox toolkit, the detox products you’ll need, personal coaching by email and phone/text, and one 50-min emotional release and integration session during the detox (in person or by phone), usually around days 6-8.

If you’ve never done a detox before, and want coaching through the process, I'll guide you through it. Trust that you’re about to discover the fastest and most simple way to feel better fast, restore energy and clarity, and integrate all your parts—starting with connecting the dots between what comes out of you, and what goes in, what poisons you and what nourishes you, what blocks you and what sets you free.

Most people drop between 5 to 10 pounds of waste during this 10-day detox, and a ton of emotional baggage. Detoxification is something our bodies do naturally every day to filter and eliminate pathogenic microbes, metabolic waste, food waste and fecal matter from the body via the liver/colon, and to eliminate lymphatic waste, toxins and microbes from the blood via the kidneys/bladder. The process is not just physical, however. It’s also emotional. And mental. Detox can be intense at the same time that it is literally enlightening to consciously manage your own waste. You become your own garbage man. And as soon as you do that, you want to become your own chef, juice bar and whole foods market. You also accept that you are your own best spiritual counselor, therapist and healer. By detoxing you take responsibility for your health and wellbeing. You own that you are the key agent driving both.

The sooner you make that shift in your bodymindset toward health and wellbeing, the better. For prevention of chronic illness and unhappiness, we want to detox before we become chronically sick and distressed. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. The wisdom in that outlook is as ancient as recorded history. Detox is the fastest way to dive in and get started.

Personalized Self-Care Plan

In person or by email and phone. $400

Creating a personalized self-care plan is done in two 50-minute sessions (in person or by phone) over the course of 2 weeks, with some emails in between.

We start with an assessment of your family history of chronic illnesses, and then do an assessment of your self-care skills—identifying thought patterns, emotional postures and habitual behaviors you have toward health and wellbeing that increase your risk of chronic illness and mental and emotional distress. The assessments allow us to identify bodymindsets—somatic-emotional-thought patterns—that increase your risk of chronic illness and unhappiness. Once we identify what they are, we target them for adaptive change, set an intention to heal, and create visualizations to guide you to better health and wellbeing. The self-care plan ends with an action plan for strategic changes. The end result is that you'll feel more empowered to make the healthy changes you know in your heart you need to make for lifelong health and happiness.


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Be comforted by empathetic listening and emotional honesty.

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Lift the lid on your cover story to dive deep with the wisdom of therapeutic touch.