1-on-1 Bodymind Integration Sessions

50 minutes. In person or by phone. $150

Expect to practice emotional honesty to get to the bottom of it—whatever "it" is. If you're struggling to make healthy changes that only you can make in regard to life challenges you're facing—whether from stress, relationship, career or health (it's all connected!)—together we'll look it in the face, feel it, touch it, and talk about it in order to heal it.

Camilla's approach is holistic and her method is integrative, helping you bring into alignment what you're thinking, feeling, saying and doing in order to make enormous changes from within. In person, Camilla uses talk and touch simultaneously to listen to the wisdom of the bodymind. If you work by phone, she'll guide you to scan specific parts of your bodymind for blockages. She'll dive deep with you into body memories for somatic-emotional release work, triggering a bodymindset reboot, and releasing habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and doing that are no longer adaptive or healthy and that may be blocking you from sustainable health and happiness. If you're stuck and congested, be prepared to be challenged to take personal responsibility for emotional baggage and physical waste with a bodymind detox concurrent with sessions.


Personalized Self-Care Plan

In person or by email and phone. $300

I believe self-care is the first and best health care, so I help people create personalized Self-Care Plans. We start by collecting information. I'll guide you through an assessment of your family history of chronic diseases, an assessment of risky bodymindsets you have toward health and wellbeing, and an assessment of your current self-care skills. This allows us to identify somatic-emotional-thought patterns that increase your risk of chronic illness and unhappiness—and target those for change. Together, I'll help you create a vision of a happier healthier you, and an action plan for strategic changes to get you there. The end result is that you'll feel more empowered to make the healthy changes you know in your heart you need to make for greater wellbeing.


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If you choose to work with Camilla, don’t be surprised by her unrelenting emotional honesty. Or her skill at empathetic listening.

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Or her uncanny ability to lift the lid on your cover story. Or her healing touch.