In the quantum universe, your mind, body, emotions and spirit aren’t separate. Why should your therapist, bodyworker and meditation teacher be?

Camilla Griggers, PhD blogs as The Healist, is author of several wellness books on functional self-care, and is a critical theorist of the bodymind paradigm.

Bridging the body/mind divide, Camilla is a proponent of systemic and integrative approaches to health and learning. As a result, she is an educator who teaches the body and mind without separation. A bodyworker who helps people process their emotions and observe their thoughts. A meditation instructor who teaches liver/colon detox and gutbrain health. And a therapist who talks to the mind and touches the embodied emotions simultaneously. She’s also a cultural critic who advocates for mindbody integration in education, therapy and the healing arts.

Camilla brings bodymind integration methods to schools, workplaces and private clients. Her mission is to help people reduce their risk of chronic illness, mental imbalance, and emotional distress. To this purpose, she leverages somatic-emotional integration methods and psychophysical education techniques to help people change unhealthy bodymindsets about health and wellbeing from within the Self.

You can read her writings on somatic-emotional intelligence and mindbody integration in SemioticaSomatics, and The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology. She is author of Becoming-Woman and co-director of the film Memories of a Forgotten War. As The Healist, she's written books on wellness topics ranging from bodymind detox to mouthbody care to body psychology. Her latest book is Change Your Bodymindset: The Body Psychology of Chronic Illness.

In her writings, hands-on healing sessions, and teaching, Camilla invites people to become healists—people who transform habitual thoughts, emotions and behaviors that cause chronic illness and distress into healthy bodymindsets that are personally and collectively sustainable.