An integrated approach to wellbeing

Realizing the gaps in conventional therapy, education and bodywork through which Americans are falling by the millions into chronic ill health and mental distress, Camilla launched a blog promoting bodymind integration and preventive self-care. She called herself The Healist, and invited others to be healists too. Camilla helps people take personal responsibility to change, moving from being patients to healists—people who practice integrated self-care to heal mindbody imbalances and prevent chronic illness. On her blog, you'll find curated lists about self-care practices we could all be doing today to prevent chronic ill health and unhappiness tomorrow—without advertising and fake news. You'll find blog posts connecting the dots to a more sustainable and holistic wellbeing that is physical, mental and emotional. And you'll find featured healists sharing stories of healing and empowerment. Through her on-site workshops, Camilla promotes self-care literacy and chronic disease prevention in schools and workplace. Or work 1-on-1 with Camilla in person or by phone to jumpstart personal change for better health and wellbeing.