Superfeel Detox Coaching Program

Superfeel Detox Coaching Program


The Superfeel Detox Coaching Program is designed for first time detoxers and those who talk about detox but have trouble doing one. We take you by the hand, and walk you through step-by-step. Includes the Superfeel Detox Challenge e-book, instructions, audio lessons, video of recipes, emotional detox toolkit, and worksheets.

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Superfeel Detox Coaching Program

The Superfeel Detox Coaching Program is designed for people who need help getting in, through and out of their 10-day detox. Great for first-time detoxers.

Includes: Superfeel Detox Challenge e-book, 5 Audio Lessons, Instructions & worksheets, Video of drink recipes, Emotional Detox Toolkit, Private Facebook Group


If you know you need to detox, and are avoiding the inevitable, let us coach you.

Avoidance and denial can cause us to delay making changes easily within reach to reduce our risk of chronic illness and take charge of our health. Let The Healist founder Camilla Griggers, PhD and colon hydrotherapist Natalie Boss, CCT teach you how to clean up your act by cleansing and restoring your core organs of detoxification and elimination—colon, liver and kidneys—and the emotions they regulate—depression, anger and anxiety. We'll walk you through 10 days of detox with easy to follow instructions to help you prepare and organize for a smooth and effective detox.


5 audio lessons to guide and inspire you

Better at listening than reading? We've got you covered. We'll teach you what you're doing and why before you start. And help you cut the emotional crap that keeps you stuck.


Video of Recipes

The Superfeel Detox starts when you stop chewing cooked foods and start drinking the 7 daily drinks, plus supplements to move toxic waste out of the body faster.  The video shows you the Daily Detox Routine, including 7 drink recipes, so you can master the routine on Day 1. 


Get the detox products shipped to your door.


Curated by The Healist & Pure On Main for your convenience, the SUPERFEEL DETOX PRODUCT KIT contains the highest quality natural products you need to do your 10-day detox. Includes superfood mix, intestinal movement formula, drawing formula, detox tea, magnesium supplement and enema set. Don't wait to detox because you don't have all the products you need in your home. Shop online with free shipping, delivered in 3-5 days. Orders for U.S. only.


Take our bodymind detox challenge to purge 5-10 lbs of toxic food and metabolic waste, while gifting yourself more energy, immunity and balance, and a more emotionally stable Core Self.

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Get the coaching program to learn to manage your waste.

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