Superfeel Detox Challenge: 10 Days to Change Your Health

Superfeel Detox Challenge: 10 Days to Change Your Health


Physical reset for the emotional body. Manage your own waste to detox your emotions and clear your head. In this 10-day bodymind detox, you'll lose 5-10 lbs. of physical waste and the emotional baggage that goes with it while hydrating, alkalinizing and restoring core health. Bodymind detox is a core self-care practice for reducing your risk of chronic disease.

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We have a waste management problem as a society and as individuals.


And the only way to change it is for each of us to take personal responsibility to clean up our waste.

Starting with getting more emotionally honest about the social causes of our chronic ill health and the personal role we each play in creating it. In this 10-day bodymind detox, The Healist and colon hydrotherapist Natalie Boss, CCT challenge you to clean up your act by cleansing and restoring your core organs of detoxification and elimination—colon, liver and kidneys. Learn how to let go of extra weight, toxic waste and negative emotions to restore and regenerate your higher and healthier Self.

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If you're feeling stuck in mind, body and spirit, take the detox challenge.

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Bodymind detox

Detoxing takes less time than sourcing 3 meals a day, and gives you more energy and clarity. Designed to feed you bioavailable nutrients quickly and wash away waste while giving your digestive tract a break, this detox gets down to business with raw juices and superfood meal replacements, potassium-rich vegetable broth, spicy lemonade and daily coffee enemas to detoxify your liver to boost energy, immunity and balance. Includes an emotional detox toolkit to help you let go while holding a safe space for others to detox.


Get the detox products shipped to your door.


Curated by The Healist & Pure On Main for your convenience, the SUPERFEEL DETOX PRODUCT KIT contains the highest quality natural products you need to do your 10-day detox. Includes superfood mix, intestinal movement formula, drawing formula, detox tea, magnesium supplement and enema set. Don't wait to detox because you don't have all the products you need in your home. Shop online with free shipping, delivered in 3-5 days. Orders for U.S. only.


Take our bodymind detox challenge to purge 5-10 lbs of toxic food and metabolic waste, while gifting yourself more energy, immunity and balance, and a more emotionally stable Core Self.

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Get the skinny on managing your waste to take control of your health.

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Want help? 

Get the Superfeel Detox Coaching Program, book included.