Simultaneous Massive Orgasm (Coming soon)

Simultaneous Massive Orgasm (Coming soon)


Mindbody reset for intimate relationships. To have a simultaneous massive orgasm, you have to first sync. This book about sex and relationship explores how to sync your desire, your energy, your heart and your physical being with another. The Other. And in so doing, surrender to something bigger than yourself, while remembering to take care of yourself while you take care of your partner. 



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What's sex got to do with your health? Everything.

This little book about coming together in a big way talks candidly about healthy boundaries and negotiation in intimate relationships. It touches on everything from your communication skills, to oxytocin regulation, to your ability to bond and be emotionally honest, to gonad health and techniques to control your orgasm.

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To have a simultaneous massive orgasm, you have to get in sync.

If there’s enough kundalini energy rising from the root chakra to awaken the sexual organs and enough pineal activation to release oxytocin, the bonding hormone, then a vibration begins to rise. And this vibration we call desire.


If both people want it, then you have a choice to come together. But you have to make this choice together. It has to be mutual.

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That means, if you want to have a SMO, you may have to speak up and talk about it.

You may have to commit.

You may have to negotiate and nurture.

You may have to wait for it.


And guess what?


You need to practice all those skills anyway to sustain a healthy, adaptive, loving and sexual relationship that lasts over time.

And that’s why this may well be the only relationship book you will ever need to read.

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