Mouthbody Care: From Holistic Dentistry to Toothpaste

Mouthbody Care: From Holistic Dentistry to Toothpaste


Mental reset for the mouthbody. Once you get the mouthbody connection, you'll know how to make good choices as a consumer of dental services and products—from your dentist and your toothpaste to dental treatments and materials. Know what to ask for, you’ll find it. Get informed before you sit in a dentist's chair—or put your child in one.

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For so long, we treated our mouths as if they weren't part of our bodies. But our mouth is the gateway to the very core of us, and a critical factor in overall physical and mental health.

Conventional dentists can compromise your mouthbody health with toxic dental materials (like mercury amalgam) and invasive procedures that leave behind pockets of infection deep in a tooth socket (like root canals and traumatic wisdom tooth extraction). Luckily, there's an alternative dentistry that's systemic, holistic and safe. You just need to ask for it.

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Your mouth and gut microbiome are connected. Think of that next time you kiss someone you love, or share food with a child if you have a root canal or chronic gum inflammation.

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Learn about oral-systemic dentistry before sitting in a dentist's chair—and skip the dental trauma.

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Anyone struggling with chronic health issues will want to read this practical resource.

Parents will love this book for help finding everything from the best toothpaste (it's not the one with fluoride) to the right dentist (not the one with a high speed drill and mercury amalgam). Find an oral-systemic dentist who uses air abrasion, ozone, and biomimetic dental materials, and skip the novocaine shot. The choice is yours. And it's one of the most important decisions you will make for your longterm health.

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This book informs you about 5 areas of mouthbody care to help keep your teeth in your mouth and reduce your risk of chronic diseases—from cancer, diabetes and stroke to MS, arthritis and schizophrenia.

Because it’s all connected.

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