Change Your Bodymindset: The Body Psychology of Chronic Illness

Change Your Bodymindset: The Body Psychology of Chronic Illness


Emotional & mental reset for physical health and wellbeing. Learn to re-pattern illness-causing feelings, thoughts and behaviors that block adaptive self-care into healthy bodymindsets for lifelong health and happiness. “Not today?” Exactly.

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Dive deep into the somatic, emotional and mental patterns that create chronic ill health and unhappiness. And change them.

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If you've been thinking "It won't happen to me," or "I thought it was safe," or "Isn't there a pill for this," stop what you're doing and read this book.


These common bodymindsets and others like them have led Americans to a 50% chronic disease rate. It's time we stop saying “I don’t know” and start saying "I know, and I know how" when it comes to holistic health of people and planet.

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Time to look chronic diseases in the face, like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, colitis, drug addictions, mental disorders and autism. And to say we know what causes them.


I'm fine...

Taking a body psychology approach to chronic disease, Camilla Griggers, PhD lifts the lid on common cover stories to touch bodymindsets that cause ill health. She shows you how to recognize them in common ways you think, talk and feel, so you can change them into somatic-emotional thought patterns that are healthy and adaptive.

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