Superfeel Detox Challenge 

We have a waste management problem as a society and as individuals. And the only way to change it is for each of us to take personal responsibility to clean up our crap! Starting with getting more emotionally honest about the social causes of our chronic ill health and the personal role we each play in creating it. In this 10-day bodymind detox, The Healist and colon hydrotherapist Natalie Boss, CCT challenge you to clean up your act by cleansing and restoring your core organs of detoxification and elimination—colon, liver and kidneys. They show you how to let go of extra weight, toxic waste and negative emotions to restore and regenerate your higher and healthier Self.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in mind, body and spirit, you will literally feel super again in just 10 days. Designed to give quick nutrients to people on the go, this detox is a mainstream version of the Gerson Therapy’s get-down-to-business raw juices and coffee enemas, with superfood meal replacements, grandma’s potassium-rich vegetable broth, intestinal movement formula, and an emotional detox toolkit to help you let go of stuck emotions while holding a safe space for others to release. The result is a sustainable regeneration of core organs, a purge of 5-10 lbs of toxic food and metabolic waste, more energy, more hormone balance, and a clearer, more emotionally stable Inner Self.

Get the skinny and get going managing your waste.


Superfeel Detox Challenge Coaching Program

Get the book, plus step-by-step guidance, lessons, and emotional coaching in, through and out of the detox.

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Get the detox products shipped to your door (U.S. only). The Superfeel Detox Kit includes intestinal movement formula, enema bottle, superfood mix, detox tea, and magnesium. Liver/gallbladder and kidney/bladder tonics available if you need them.


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"I took this detox challenge twice, and by the second time my results were dramatic. Not only did I lose weight, my energy shot up and so did my zest for life. I felt emotionally renewed. For me, it was an experience of personal transformation. I seriously feel like a new person. I LOVE the Superfeel Detox, and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to make dramatic change fast." Stephanie Stockton, Marketer


"Doing the Superfeel Detox Challenge was a great experience because I knew I was nourishing my body. It felt good to be able to take the time to pay attention to myself not only physically but emotionally and mentally. If you love yourself, you will do this challenge because every 'body' needs to take a break from the everyday grind. After you will feel something has changed and make better decisions about your health and diet." G. Tongi, TV Host


"I was so very happy with the results of my 1st detox, when the opportunity to detox again arose, I knew it was time for a follow up. The second round was even better, because I saw the cleansing effects on day 5 all the way to day 14. This time long rubbery slime came out. I was delightfully grossed out. My benefits included mental clarity, better sleep & digestion, weight loss, emotional balance and peace, more energy and clearer skin. So would I do it a third time? Hell yeah!" Alice Dixson, Actress


"I’d never done a cleanse or detox before. I have to say honestly I've never felt better – no aches or pains or doubts about my body. In the 9 months since I detoxed I've taken only 2 ibuprofens! I detoxed with my sister and partner, and we all made it all 10 days. While I lost maybe 5 pounds, this was never a goal; for me it was about treating my body differently by cleansing and nurturing it rather than waiting for something to go wrong. The logistics are a little tricky, so be prepared and do the math. 10 days of spicy lemonade for 3 people is 60 to 90 lemons! Finally, the coffee enemas are no big deal. Really." Cathy Dew, 2Plus2


"The Superfeel Detox completely shifted my relationship to food, my body, and my awareness of self. I released pain and trauma that was still living in my organs, I learned how to feel, own what was coming up for me, and then release it. I became so sensitive to energy and to the world around me that it helped me feel my soul’s purpose. I realized after 10 days of detox that I'd been constantly consuming and not really pausing to give myself permission and time to let go. I realized I was addicted to food, to consumption itself. I now honor the process of consuming only what I really need in my core Self and then releasing waste and negative feelings. After the detox, it felt like I felt I my body for the first time. Detox is now part of my life, and I know if I need to emotionally or physically cleanse, it's easy." Alexcia Panayotopoulos, Poesia.Life


"I learned I was chronically dehydrated and constipated as a result. Next, I learned I had to start cooking organic whole foods for myself and stop eating out all the time. I learned I needed to reduce my excessive intake of sodium and balance that with more potassium. I learned how to detox my colon, liver and gallbladder. And guess what? My back pain completely went away. When 3 weeks later the pain started back up, I was on it. I did the detox again for 5 days, and the pain disappeared again. Now I know that the pain in my back was my dirty gallbladder and liver talking to me!  But the next thing I learned was the real game changer. I was guided to do emotional healing at the same time. I needed to change how I was in a relationship. Like why I wasn't. That really opened my heart." Mark Kohl, Cinematographer