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Pediatric caries is preventable, but there's an epidemic

You hear moms talking about the pediatric caries epidemic at playgrounds and birthday parties. 2-year olds with dental caries—the bacteria that eats away at tooth enamel—on baby teeth. Or a 6-year old who goes to the dentist to discover she has 11 cavities! Parents are baffled. They help their children brush, they help their children floss, they avoid sugar and processed foods, and still…the cavities keep coming.

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3 Ways You Can Hurt Yourself With a FitBit

Watch the video on this concerned fellow’s blog showing his Fitbit Charge HR hitting 480 mW/m2. He measured alternating spikes peaking between 280 mW/m2 to 560 mW/m2. The problem is that those readings are nowhere near the recommended safe range of <10 mW/m2 during the day and only half that at night, as our bodies absorb more EMF/EMR radiation when asleep than awake. 

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