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Could Fukushima happen here?

Could Florida be the next Fukushima? Americans have been so busy fearing a nuclear threat from North Korea or Iran that we haven't been looking at the threat right here at home that we created ourselves. When Hurricane Irma—the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded—barreled toward a nuclear power plant directly in its path just south of Miami in 2017, that question suddenly became foreground in everyone's mind.

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The Cancer List

If you've been given a cancer diagnosis, check out these 10 resources before you decide on conventional medical treatment including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. They will take you on a journey into alternative approaches to healing that could change everything. Those supporting people with a cancer diagnosis or who have a family history of cancer will want to read this list too. But the truth is, with an almost 1-in-2 cancer rate, all of us need to read this list.

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