Think mouthbody and oral systemic. Free your mouth of gum disease, root canals, mercury fillings, and toxic dentistry. Choose a systemic dentist to save your teeth and your health. Remember tongue scraping, oil pulling, and toothbrush sanitizing. 



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01.  The mouth-body connection

Why good dental health depends on more than brushing and flossing— and why a clean, happy mouth gives your whole body something to smile about.

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02.  Are your teeth wrecking your health?

Dental habits and history can tell a savvy practitioner a lot about your health and can have a big impact when devising an appropriate healing plan.

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03.  Why don't we treat teeth like the rest of our bodies?

The partition between dentistry and the rest of medicine dates back to the dental profession’s roots as an offshoot of hairdressing.

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04.  The dramatic benefits of minimally invasive dentistry

Unnecessary drilling and filling your teeth with toxic materials can have far-reaching, long-term health ramifications. Newer alternative types of dentistry, such as minimally invasive dentistry and biomimetic dentistry offer dramatically safer and more effective solutions

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05.  Mercury: Is this toxic heavy metal In your mouth?

Mercury is a neurotoxin that has been linked to immune system suppression and a host of physical problems including brain damage, Autism, Alzheimers, ALS, MS, Cancer, and other chronic diseases.

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06.  The scientific case against mercury

Worth the read to connect the dots. A thorough report on the dangers of mercury.

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07.  Why doesn’t everyone with mercury fillings get sick?

That a person can have mercury fillings and not get sick tells us nothing about the fillings and everything about that individual’s constitution, immune response and ability to excrete toxins.

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08.  Chris Shade, PhD explains why we should be concerned about mercury vapor exposure

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09.  Safe mercury amalgam removal technique (SMART) recommendations for dentists and patients

Watch this video to know how to choose the right dentist for the job.

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10.  Root canal dangers

There are bacteria in root canals that favor destruction of the nervous system and many other systems, resulting in the creation of autoimmune reactions.

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11.  Why and how to avoid a root canal

Root canals, or the removal of the main, central nerve inside a tooth, are said to stop further damage when a cavity is infecting this area with bacteria. The problem is that the central nerve isn’t the only nerve in a tooth.

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12.  Toxicity, whole body burden and dental cavitations

Not many people know what cavitations even are and the risks of them lurking in your mouth. This presentation explains it all. 

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13.  12 things your tongue is telling you that you can’t ignore

Your tongue is a very versatile part of the body, as it helps with communication, helps maintain the health of the mouth and helps us keep ourselves nourished. But what you may not know is that the tongue also holds information about your physical and emotional health. 

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14.  Mouth to mouth: Kissing transfers 80 million bacteria, scientists say...

A 10-second “intimate kiss” can transfer a whopping 80,000,000 bacteria from one mouth to another, according to a new report in the journal Microbiome.

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16.  What’s bad about braces

People from all cultures throughout history have sought to straighten their teeth through orthodontics.  As long as there have been teeth, there have been problems with crooked or crowded teeth.

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17.  Toothpaste can do more harm than good

Your dentist and dental hygienist have never seen a tube of toothpaste that singlehandedly improves the health of all patients in their practice, and the reason is simple: toothpaste is a cosmetic.

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18.  What your teeth can tell you about your penis

Ignoring your chompers in the bathroom might cost you in the bedroom

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19.  Oral bacteria linked to risk of stroke

In a study of patients entering the hospital for acute stroke, researchers have increased their understanding of an association between certain types of stroke and the presence of the oral bacteria.

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20.  Study ties poor oral health to cancer-causing virus

People with swollen gums, missing teeth and other signs of poor dental health are more likely to be infected orally with the human papillomavirus.

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21.  How to heal cavities naturally

How to cure cavities and how to heal cavities naturally. If you’re at the beginning stages of a cavity, you can actually heal the outer part of that tooth.

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22.  7 health benefits of oil pulling

Oil pulling can really transform your health. With the mouth as the home to millions of bacteria, fungi, viruses and other toxins, the oil acts like a cleanser, pulling out the nasties before they get a chance to spread throughout the body.

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23.  WTF is oil pulling + why I’m hooked

Two words. Oil Pulling. One word. Obsessed. 

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24.  How to get rid of gingivitis, natural remedies

Natural home remedies have healed gum disease for centuries. Here are 5 ways to avoid periodontal disease you can start doing today. 

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25.  Keep flossing: It isn’t if you should floss, it’s how you floss

The question, then, shouldn’t be whether or not to floss, but instead should be how to floss effectively. Asking the question “is flossing effective” is just like asking if brushing your teeth is effective – are you doing it correctly and with an effective toothbrush?

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26.  The benefits of tongue scraping

Scraping the tongue daily removes any build-up on the tongue, which, if left untreated, can lead to bad breath and may house a significant number of bacteria.

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27.  How to make your own toothpaste

Watch this video. Toothpast you buy at the store has lots of chemicals, learn to make your own at home using 3 simple ingredients!

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28.  Ozone in dentistry

What if we had an agent that could treat and eliminate the infection and, in addition, support the surrounding healthy tissue without toxic side effects? We do now with oxygen/ozone therapy for dentistry.

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29.  Let is shine: Oral hygiene is about more than brushing + flossing

Studies conducted with human found a relationship between hours of sunshine per year and the incidence of cavities among children.

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30.  The eight best chewing gum (not laced with chemicals)

You try to eat healthy, buy only organic apples, and don't drink Diet Coke. But you know that pack of Orbit you chew every day?  Let's just say it's not exactly innocent minty refreshment.

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31.  The benefits of using lasers to treat gum disease

LANAP — or laser-assisted new attachment procedure — uses lasers to vaporize and remove diseased tissue from the mouth. First, the laser’s heat strips away the diseased gum. Then, the laser fires a second time to heat the area until a clot is formed, cauterizing the wound.

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32.  Beet juice Is the future of dental care

High inorganic nitrate levels found in beets would be converted by the body into nitric oxide.  Said nitric oxide not only prevents cavities, but also actually stops tooth decay.

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33.  Tooth fillings of the future may incorporate bioactive glass

Almost all composite dental fillings will eventually fail, but materials like bioactive glass might last a lifetime.

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34.  Scientists have figured out how to regenerate teeth with lasers

Using lasers to regenerate and grow body parts sounds like science fiction, but researchers have just demonstrated that it might be a tranformative tool in medicine—or at least dentistry—in the future.

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