Jess Krichelle: Art + health

Jess makes art and smoothies in the morning and fills the rest of her day with music. You can find her artwork gracing the album covers of local LA bands and bands from other countries. See her work at


For breakfast I like to have a full glass of either fruit infused coconut water or water before eating anything for 30 minutes so that my organs can activate. I'll make some coffee in the meantime and will also prepare all of the vegetables for my morning green juice. I'll also prep a smoothie for after my green juice made up of banana (dark spotty bananas are much easier on the digestive system), dates, raw unsweetened and unsalted almond butter, and cacao nibs.


Being able to take care of yourself mentally and physically. It means having an early morning ritual to prepare your day of hard work so that your body and brain have a chance to wake up.

Self-care means that I should work just as hard at my hobbies that I do at work so that I'm not neglecting any part of myself from thriving. Once you begin taking care of yourself physically, the mental part is much easier to begin shaping as well.


I will try to wake between 6am-8am every morning. I believe in giving yourself some time to reflect in the morning whether it's planning your day, yoga, reading a book, or catching up on social media, it all deserves time. If I set time aside for it, there's no way that I'll neglect myself from being productive.

I am an artist and so I usually become very inspired by the mornings - the light in my room is stunning and I am able to see all of the colors I'm using at their fullest. I love making coffee and setting everything up beside my pieces in the making. There's something about classical music, fresh juices and smoothies, the morning sunlight, and having my art near me that just makes waking up early all worth it.


Los Angeles is a very superficial city and I felt the pressures of fitting in physically regardless of my stature. Even though I was thin, I never felt happy and during that time I became so fixated on what I thought was healthy: eat less carbs, eat lean meats, eat 1200 calories, blah blah blah. It wasn't until I began watching health documentaries like Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, and Food, Inc. where my mind was being exposed to this whole half I've never been exposed to and my beliefs were constantly challenged.

I did my own dietary research reading (the very opposite than the information we’ve been taught collectively) and began living what I was and I saw really big physical and mental changes in my life. Positivity radiated from it.


I personally believe that capitalism (oh boy) has gotten in the way of people taking care of themselves properly and strongly believe that we are not educated enough about what our bodies need. Especially women. I blame capitalism because we neglect our bodies and minds for a workflow that benefits only a few. I blame capitalism because the fruits, vegetables, grains, and non-dairy products are not subsidized and therefore cost more to purchase. Not only are dairy and meat options subsidized, but our system is working alongside those companies so that they can make their fortune. The food pyramid and all we know about health has been heavily tampered with by the meat and dairy industries.

Capitalism, in my mind, is the root of our health issues. We are humans and we’re not supposed to be denied healthcare because of pre-existing conditions, we’re not supposed to choose between our phone bills or our next meal. I don't think people are choosing to deny their bodies self-care, but we are given no other option at times.


My best advice for anyone looking to take their health seriously is to do your own research. Allow yourself to have a few times where you've binged, learn from it and don't hate yourself. It happens. The next day, change it and progress.

Stay educated and don’t let other people’s doubts make you neglect what you need.