Alizah Silver: Be joy


A former school teacher now yoga teacher, Alizah (which means joy in Hebrew) Silver teaches us that trauma can be transformed into happiness.


Smoothie with granola in it, my version of an acai bowl.


It means taking care of your higher self, your soul. It means doing things that benefit your soul, therefore the whole world. It means making decisions based on your highest wisdom, not by what feels good in the moment.


Healthy eating for sure! I grew up with an obese mother and was obese myself and realized that my happiness is directly linked to what foods I'm putting into my body. I drink and take Purium products everyday and drink a superfood packed smoothie each day.

I also practice yoga asana or meditate each day. Lots of walks with my dog, masturbating, kriya, corgasms, healing electronic beats and sounds. I have a sub in my van that plays heavy base, plant medicines, lots of dancing, journaling, massaging, reading, getting deep with others and working through past blockages... The list goes on!


I had an abortion and went into a serious depression. The lowest of my life. Suicidal thoughts, drug addictions, anxiety attacks. Things I had bottled up since childhood all came to the surface and I lost control. I was in a very abusive and unhealthy relationship, looking for love outside myself and recreating my mother and father’s relationship. Then my dog got very sick and I talked with a dog communicator over the phone.  She was a healer and mystical being who reminded me that I was in control and only I could get myself out. I did yoga teacher training to heal never thinking I would teach.

I just recently quit my job as an elementary school teacher so I can teach yoga full time! My yoga teachers, Deanna Ainsworth and Jared Mccann shifted my practice and my life. They helped me realize that all I have to do is eat healthy and put things that make me vibrate higher into my body, practice yoga asana that clears out energy channels and still my mind and focus and I will feel like I'm on a drug.

Once I started taking care of myself I realized how my ex-boyfriend and I were holding each other back and broke up with him. Didn't see him for almost a year and in that time we both completely transformed. Now we are friends and have unconditional love for each other for the first time ever (didn't have it for the 4 years that we were together because we didn't have it for ourselves). My circle of friends has completely changed since I started taking care of myself. I got sad at first because I lost a lot of people that I love but soon realized that just because I love them, it doesn't mean they are good for my path. My friends are healthier, more loving and I feel a family tribe vibe when we are together instead of the old drama or fake relationships I used to have.


Your past controls you and you are moving too fast to even be aware of the sadness or pain inside of you. You hold onto the past blockages and make your decisions based off of them which continues to bring you into cycles of suffering. People think it's normal. I did. Thought it was normal to fight with your boyfriend. Thought it was normal to overeat. That's why sometimes something traumatic has to happen to make you realize how miserable you actually are and how much better you can actually be. 

People think it’s normal to not be connected to God or spirit and just live their lives until they realize how lonely it is to not be connected to yourself.


We are energy!!! Vibrating at different frequencies... The higher you vibrate, the better you feel and everyone wants to feel good. So eat foods that help you vibrate higher... Fruits and vegetables! Moving your body helps you vibrate higher. Taking plant medicines, yoga, and acupuncture helps you get into the subconscious and energy blockages you don't know exist. Once these blockages are removed you vibrate higher! Meditate!!! Kriyas!!!