6 Things to Know in a Healing Crisis, Starting with Visualization

When your emotional bodymind is in a healing crisis, it’s time to surrender what you thought you were doing before you became ill or injured, and get in sync with how the bodymind actually heals. Here are 6 things to know that can help you heal better and faster.

  1. Get in the present moment, because healing only happens in the NOW. if you’re stuck in the past or projecting into some far off future, you’re wasting precious time.

  2. Your body needs to detoxify and eliminate toxic waste and pathogenic microbes to access your own genetically programmed superhealing state. So you’ll have to take responsibility for your own waste management. Get your head around some juicing, hydrating and coffee enemas. Surrender. Let go. If you’ve never detoxed before and want help, download my bodymind detox book, and I’ll walk you through a 10-day restorative detox.

  3. Healing happens in what is called the Default Mode Network (DMN) state of consciousness, not in a task-oriented brain wave pattern. This is the consciousness of doing nothing, of rest and restore. Of just being. Of being your Self. Of meditating. It is the functional connectivity of your brain and parasympathetic nervous system at rest, the connection of mind and body, a synchronized firing of neurons across various structures of the brain that are persistent even in a coma or under anesthesia or during meditation. So start with getting quiet and still. Turning inward. And connecting with your core Self. Find within yourself the belief that you can heal.  

  4. In a superhealing state, your bodymind can manifest miraculous healing if you can envision a hologram of yourself in a healed whole state. The bodymind can map the holograph to grow itself back in your original healthy state. If you give yourself what you need to do so: hydration with clean water with the proper electrolyte balance, nutrient saturation including minerals and good fats, B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D—which we make from sunshine on our skin, and which most urbanites are lacking enough of, so supplementation can be really helpful in a healing crisis. 

  5. Invite other people you are energetically connected to to visualize your healing visualization with you, so they can resonate the effect. Surround yourself with positive people and step away from people who are chronically negative.  

  6. Change your bodymindset from seeing the body as a noun to feeling it as a verb. If you do that, this is what you become aware of. Your stomach and intestinal lining recycle every week, your skin every month, your skeleton every 3 months, your liver every year, even your genes about every 6 weeks. In one year, you’ve recycled 98% of your whole body. Do you see the opportunity for healing in this reality of our embodiment? You realize that, from a holistic bodying approach, healing comes from within you, not outside of you.

Healing is a process of recycling and regrowing into a healthy whole state—the state you were designed by universal consciousness to be. Down to our healthy DNA before various epigenetic environmental insults might have damaged our genes. The healthy you. The challenge is to holographically project the memory of the healthy you into the present moment for the bodymind to map as it recycles itself anew in its embodiment. This process of healing is also the process of adapting. Of being willing to become something new.

People who experience superhealing using visualizations or holographic projection tend to “see” what they’re healing in remarkable detail. Here’s an example from the movie HEAL, where Dr Joe Dispenza shares his story of healing his spine after a biking injury with deep meditation visualization.

During holographic projection, it helps if you have a complete understanding of the neurobiology, structure and function of the parts of you in need of healing. All the parts of you—mental, physical, emotional and spiritual—because they’re all connected. So we’re talking about the bones, nerves, fascia, muscles, organs, feelings, emotions, thought forms. And how these embodied parts of you communicate with the brain through the vagus nerve.

Seeing the vagus nerve in 3D is a great way to “see” the integrated emotional bodymind in its full dimensional reality. It’s complexity, it’s organicity, and its interconnectedness. In its divinity. See yourself in this way when in a healing crisis, take responsibility for detox, hydration and nutrient saturation, and remember on every healing adventure the destination is the journey.

The vagus nerve—connection between body and mind, gut and brain.

The vagus nerve—connection between body and mind, gut and brain.

Camilla GriggersComment