Health Consciousness is Evolutionary, But Where Do You Find It?

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Not on the internet!

Truth is, our consciousness can only be found in one place. Inside of us. And while that’s easy to say, it’s often challenging to do. To be. To be conscious. And to be conscious about health. Not just your health. But other people’s as well. And the health of the planet.

Some things on this planet are against that, de facto. Nuclear technology is one of them, and carbon based energy is another. Polluting or in other ways degenerating our shared water resources is another, as is contaminating or in other ways degenerating our food supply, etc. The only way to heal these unsustainable problems, which is what these unhealthy practices have become, is to change our consciousness about what we have been doing that has put our health and the health of the planet in jeopardy.

Trying to be conscious about health raises two fundamental questions. What is consciousness? And what is health? And isn’t it divine that they are inextricably intertwined?

Only healthy consciousness can birth physical health, and maintain it for a lifetime. It does take maintenance, you know. Health is very dynamic, because health is the adaptive response we make to dynamic changes in our environment—including our social environment, our physical environment, and our emotional and mental environments. When we talk about being conscious about health, and having healthy consciousness, we are talking about consciously embodying health and wellbeing. That’s a choice, and to have that choice and be able to make that choice requires consciousness that the choice exists, at every juncture. Health consciousness is the consciousness that we choose health at every juncture. We choose to be in harmony with Nature, and with the natural world of which we are a part. And we choose to walk into the future in the Light that health and healing provide.

Health doesn’t choose us; we choose it. This is a critical correction that opens the door onto healthy thinking and living. We choose health for people and planet. And we make that choice every day. Day after day. Over and over. Like the choice itself is our oldest friend. 

We welcome the choice. We sit down for tea with it. Or for a glass of cold sour beer. We sip and feel. We feel comforted by our friend’s very presence in our lives. We savor these moments of sitting down and making the choice. We have learned over time that we can trust our old friend. Tried and true, through thick and thin, our friend has remained steadfast and loyal, helpful and reassuring, through the years. We can count on our conscious choices about health to provide the healing path that rises up to meet us through every healing crisis, through every storm and every dark night of the soul wandering in the wilderness through the darkness. And through all the love and the joy of a life lived well.

Health consciousness doesn’t say, “Not now.”  It doesn’t say, “I don’t want to know.” It doesn’t say, “It won’t happen to me.” And it doesn’t say, “I didn’t see it coming.” Health consciousness is more positive and emotionally honest than that. Saying “I’m fine” when you’re not isn’t health consciousness either. Or “It’s genetic, there’s nothing I can do about it.” 

Health consciousness is much more than that. And in this regard, it has little time for excuses like “My insurance won’t pay for it,” or fantasies like “My doctor can fix me.” Instead, it’s saying, “I’m concerned” when you ought to be. It’s knowing it’s always epigenetic. It’s seizing the moment. It’s watching the event horizon and seeing what’s coming. It’s accepting it could happen to you (we’re all in this together). And it’s saying, “I know, I know why, and I know how” to every challenge we face personally and collectively. Healthy consciousness expresses these practices every day, coming from a quiet sacred place deep within. Today, right now, meditate on that, and be well.

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