Ending the War on Medicinal Cannabis

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The American people just witnessed a tactical move on the part of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the FDA to keep the fake war on drugs going in order to protect the monopolizing, parasitic pharmaceutical industry on the New York Stock Exchange. Sessions is corralling cannabis growers to protect chemotherapy drugs, pharmaceutical opioid painkillers and anti-inflammatory prescription meds from an inevitable and overdue stock market crash. To give you a sense of the stakes involved in this War on Cannabis, top-selling brands of chemo drugs like Revlimid, narcotic painkillers like OxyContin, and anti-inflammatory drugs like Humira, each rake in over $6 billion in sales in a single year.

The budding cannabis industry is the greatest threat to this drug cartel.


Challenge the fake classification

Luckily for all of us Americans who are tired of being chronically ill, overmedicated, addicted to prescription painkillers and poisoned by chemotherapy drugs, the Fed’s have an Achilles heel. That heel is exposed and waiting for the arrow of righteous indignation from the 29 states that have legalized cannabis—the fake classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, in the same class as heroin, rather than Schedule 4—a drug that has a low potential for abuse and currently accepted medical uses.

The authority behind all the maneuvers of the FDA, the Attorney General and the Feds depends upon this pretense—that cannabis has no medicinal uses and is highly addictive, when ample scientific studies and hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos documenting personal testimonials show just the opposite. Cannabis is not addictive at all—unlike Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet that were ironically until recently classified as Schedule 3 drugs, meaning the abuse of them led only to low or moderate physical dependence. The truth is that patients can get addicted in as little as 5 days—making prescription narcotic painkillers as addictive and dangerous as heroin, with a high risk of accidental overdose.

After a decade of media documentation of the prescription painkiller epidemic in America, the FDA recently begrudgingly changed the classification of legal narcotic painkillers to Schedule 2—more dangerous than they were said to be before, but still less dangerous than purportedly illegal cannabis, which the FDA still stubbornly classifies as a Schedule 1 drug—the most dangerous of all, more dangerous than the deadly OxyContin, more dangerous than toxic chemotherapy, and more dangerous and less medically useful than the notorious Humira, currently tangled in a class action lawsuit for causing cancer, lymphoma, nerve damage and infections in patients who were prescribed it and were foolish enough to take it.

Cannabis states and the cannabis growers and product developers who live and work in these states would do well to focus their arrows on this one tender spot of vulnerability, and avoid getting caught up in any way in any of the other distracting and irrelevant arguments circulating in the media. In the Cannabis War of our time, there’s only one thing that matters, and it’s Jeff Sessions heel. Change the classification of cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule 4, and there is no war. Peace love bro. But how do you do that?


Challenge the FDA

Cannabis growers might want to take a tip from the folks over at the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, who right now are suing the FDA over its equally fake classification of mercury amalgam dental fillings as safe when they are patently not so. The arrow to take down Jeff Sessions is a lawsuit against the FDA itself, to force it to be purged of pharma industry insiders and to change once and for all the fake classification of cannabis as illegal, medically useless and addictive. Could it be a class action lawsuit? That is a question I would like to ask some cannabis industry attorneys.

But don’t expect Big Pharma to go down without a fight. Cannabis is more effective in treating cancer tumors and blood cancer, with no side-effects, than the top selling toxic chemotherapy drugs, all of which bring in over $6 billion a year in sales. And the same is true for treating post-surgery pain and chronic pain, as well as treating chronic inflammation.

In fact, cannabis may well be the most medicinally valuable adaptogenic plant on the planet, with anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-seizure, pain modulation, bone growth stimulation, anti-depression and anti-anxiety effects that have all been documented plenty of times over. And that, in a nutshell, explains the conflict about to rage right now between the Feds and Pro-Cannabis states. Because the instant the FDA changes the classification of cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 4, from illegal to legal, pot money will start rolling into banks, cannabis investment firms will take off like rockets, and pharma stocks will crash and burn—probably ending up in the hospital with a terminal diagnosis, after decades of enjoying a virtual monopoly that chronically sick Americans have paid a painful price for at the expense of their health.

Americans today are the most over-medicated, addicted, and chronically ill people on the planet. Cannabis could help us turn our health around, if the American people, and cannabis growers, can sue the FDA to change cannabis’ schedule classification from illegal to legal once and for all.



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