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If you've been given a cancer diagnosis, check out these 10 resources before you decide on conventional medical treatment including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Walk before you run, especially if you’re running out of fear. Get informed so that your informed consent to medical treatments means something. Read the list carefully. It will take you on a journey into alternative approaches to healing that could change everything. Those supporting people with a cancer diagnosis or who have a family history of cancer will want to read this list too. But the truth is, with an almost 1-in-2 cancer rate, all of us need to read this list.


01.  Chris Wark’s Square One Healing Cancer Coaching Program

Chris declined chemo 14 years ago, and used his nutritional, herbal and detox approach to heal from stage 3 colon cancer. Chris’ program is designed for someone who just got a cancer diagnosis, and he’s intelligent enough to know how to talk to you emotionally, psycho-spiritually and mentally at the same time. I love Chris, and you will love him too, and he loves you. Square One is a great place to get grounded, get oriented and get started making big changes to recover your health.


02.  Catherine Duff’s story as founder of The Fecal Transplant Foundation

Catherine Duff felt immediate relief for antibiotic-resistant C. difficile infection of the intestines 4 hours after giving herself a fecal transplant from her husband’s poop. She did it at home, after her doctors refused to recognize the treatment and sent her home to die. Fecal Microbiota Transplant is a minimally invasive way to treat colitis, Crohn’s, intestinal and colon cancer, and you can find out plenty of info at her foundation website. 

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03.  Charlotte Gerson’s 3-hr lecture to the Naturopathic College of London on the Gerson Therapy

The Gerson Therapy was created by Charlotte's father Dr. Max Gerson (the principles of which Chris Wark used). She’s lecturing to naturopathic physicians in this YouTube video so this is very cognitive and dense. She’s pure German hard love. You’ll need a notebook. She has no tolerance for chemotherapy and radiation and no illusions about the conventional cancer industry. 

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04.  Dr. Tim Smith’s The GcMAF Book

Dr. Tim Smith explains how to restore the immune system’s ability to mark cancer cells for macrophages (white blood cells) to phagocytize them. This is critical research on the paradigm shift to a metabolic understanding of cancer and how our bodies naturally heal it. Globulin component macrophage activating factor (GcMAF) is the immune marker metabolized in your liver using Vitamin D, oleic acid (high in olive oil), and a testosterone molecule. It marks cells for macrophage directed cell death. Once you understand Tim’s book, you’ll understand why Chris Wark’s program and The Gerson Therapy work, and why chemo and radiation wouldn’t be recommended by Tim either.

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05.  Ty Bollinger’s The Truth about Cancer docu-series 

Ty Bollinger went on a healing journey to find out the truth about cancer after losing numerous members of his family after conventional cancer treatment including chemotherapy. He has compiled hours and hours of interviews with doctors, practitioners and experts on naturopathic, functional, systemic and alternative approaches to the prevention and treatment of cancer. Ones that support the body to nutrient saturate, detoxify and restore colon, liver and kidneys, gut mucosa, and thereby immune system function. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are out of alignment with all of it.

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06.  Chemotherapy doesn't work

The study that shows chemotherapy for cancer has only a 2.1% efficacy rate in the US and a 2.3% efficacy rate in Australia. Learn why you want to research the alternatives before you give consent to cytotoxic chemotherapy treatment.

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07.  Infected root canals can cause cancer

Chronic focal infections in the mouth from periodontal disease, infected root canals or infected tooth sockets after wisdom tooth or other tooth removal can increase your risk of cancer, because these unseen chronic infections wear down your immune system. Toxic mercury amalgam fillings don't help reduce the risk of chronic disease either. Learn about better systemic alternatives to all the bad dentistry that can affect your overall health.

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08.  Glyphosate herbicide in Roundup "probably carcinogenic" 

When a World Health Organization report said that glyphosate herbicide in Roundup was "probably carcinogenic," Monsanto went on the attack. Predictable, because Roundup is the most used agricultural chemical ever, and sales have exploded in the last 20 years. While Monsanto is holding strong with aggressive ad campaigns and lobbying in North America, Europeans are not fooled and are playing it safe while considering banning the chemical herbicide in the Europe Union. Currently the EU has banned another chemical in Roundup, banned its use in public parks and school grounds, required extra scrutiny to prevent pre-harvest spraying that puts the chemical in the food chain, and put the product on an 18-month temporary extension after it's European license expired, while considering a full ban. Glyphosate has been found in umbilical cords and breast milk, and is a major suspect in the epidemic of intestinal diseases, including gut dysbiosis, colitis and colon cancer. Glyphosate is sprayed on GMO wheat, soy and corn crops—common food allergens for millions of Americans. We have to wonder if it's the foods or the glyphosate that people are "allergic" to. Takeaway: if you're worried about cancer, don't eat commercial wheat, soy or corn. Eat only certified organic. And definitely don't spray Roundup around your yard or garden.

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09.  Cannabis oil's anti-cancer properties

If you're in a state that has legalized cannabis, organic medicinal cannabis oils are easier to source now that ever before, making it easier to dose daily. Daily is the key, because cannabinoids bond with receptors on cancer cells to cause a tiny little shift in the mitochondria that stops the cancer cell's ability to create energy. The end result is that cannabis triggers the metabolic synthesis of ceramide in cancer cells—ceramide is the signal that triggers cell death. So you have to keep cannabis in your system for weeks or months to get anywhere. Takeaway: If you live in a state that has legalized cannabis, and you're dealing with cancer or worried about cancer, don't miss the trend on this one. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, cannabis has no side effects.

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10.  Radioactive contamination from nuclear plants cause cancer clusters

Studies show cancer rates spike around uranium and plutonium manufacturing plants, waste processing plants and nuclear power plants, especially if you're downwind or downstream. Some of the worst with a record of cancer clusters include the Hanford Plutonium Plant in Hanford, WA; the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility outside Denver, CO; Coldwater Creek nuclear waste storage sites near St. Louis, MO; the Savannah River Nuclear Weapons Complex 25 miles from Augusta, GA in SC; Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant 25 miles from New York City; the decommissioned San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant north of San Diego, CA, and the decommissioned Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant south of Harrisburg, PA, though there are many others. Takeaway: If you have a family history of cancer and you live in one of these areas (there are 104 nuclear power plants in the U.S.), you may consider moving.

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 11. Can Vitamin C Lower Stomach and Colorectal Cancer Risk?

Vitamins are organic substances that are found mainly in plants and are essential in small amounts for your health, growth, reproduction, and maintenance.

You need to consume vitamins regularly, since they either cannot be made at all or are not made in sufficient quantities in your body. For instance, vitamin C is considered to be an “essential” nutrient because you cannot make it at all in your body, so you must get all the vitamin C you need from the foods you consume.

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12. Cancer Can Be Killed

There are a million ways to kill cancer, non-toxically, and I hope to show that through film and data. The film releasing summer of 2017 is a good start and gives you the basic information you need to recover. At the heart, cancer is something that grows as a result of an imbalance. Restore the body to balance and cancer ceases to exist. The key to killing cancer, as with any disease is the immune system. Cancer frequently grows because of a compromised immune system. Chemotherapy, radiation, radical surgery the three main western medical treatment options, are all flawed because they compromise the immune system further without ever getting at the root of the problem. There are however, ways to strengthen the immune system making it fully capable to kill the cancer. Then in many cases, heat (hyperthermia), Oxygen (Ozone therapy), and Freezing (Cryoablation) can be used to apply the coup de grace.

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13. Is There a Connection Between Antibiotic Use and Cancer?

Just because doctors routinely prescribe antibiotics does not mean you should routinely take them. The word antibiotic actually means “against life” or “anti body.” There are many other ways to treat infection and maintain a healthy immune system. How we treat infections (both local as in a cut or wound or systemic such as a cold or flu) is greatly influenced by how we believe disease starts in the body.

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