Gel Pascual: Getting to the Root of Breast Cancer

After a breast cancer diagnosis, Angela Pascual declined conventional medical treatment including chemotherapy and surgery, and followed her online research to an alternative cancer clinic in the Philippines where she learned the tumor in her breast might have everything to do with dental problems in her mouth. 


Gel's Story

Gel Pascual is a mother of two and devoted wife who turned a breast cancer diagnosis into a healing journey. An avid online researcher, Gel read between the lines on chemo efficacy studies, and didn't like the odds. Declining chemo, she found an alternative cancer clinic in the Philippines she could afford, and journeyed outside the box of conventional medical treatment. Shrinking her tumor by 2/3rds in 8 weeks with a nutritional and detox protocol and IV ozone therapy, she felt elated, but kept hearing patients in the clinic talking about dental issues that can contribute to cancer by wreaking havoc on your immune system. She had all of them—mercury amalgam fillings, root canals, and chronic focal infection in the jaw from an improperly extracted tooth.

When Gel came home to Texas, she consulted with two biological, systemic dentists and both concurred—safely remove the mercury fillings and replace with zirconium ceramic, remove the 2 infected root canals (dead teeth that culture pathogenic bacteria) and replace with zirconium posts, and clean out the focal infection in her empty tooth socket on the breast meridian that had developed the tumor. Determined to heal her cancer, she decided to opt for the alternative dentistry. The last challenge—the cost—sent her back to Manila looking for a biological dentist she could afford.


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