Brandy Vaughn: Speaking Out on Vaccine Safety

Healist founder Camilla Griggers, PhD interviews featured healist Brandy Vaughn—a former Merck sales rep turned whistleblower who bravely chooses to speak out about vaccine safety in spite of intimidation. A fearless mother, she speaks candidly about pharma industry practices that every parent should question before blindly following the CDC vaccine schedule. She appears in VAXXED and THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES, and is the founder of  



Brandy Vaughn lost her innocence about the pharmaceutical industry selling Vioxx in doctors' offices for Merck. When the drug was forced off the market in 2004 by 47,000 group lawsuits resulting in Merck's record $4.85 billion recall settlement, Brandy, like other shocked Americans following the court cases, learned that Merck insiders knew the drug was known to cause heart attack and stroke, and covered it up. They also strategized how to intimidate doctors who publicly questioned the drug's safety record.

When Brandy became a mom facing pressure to vaccinate, she knew better than to blindly trust what doctors told her about vaccine safety—especially when she could recognize they were just repeating what a pharma rep had been trained to tell them. Instead, she did her own research on vaccine safety, declined vaccines for her son, and founded as a resource for concerned parents. Now, she's systematically intimidated just like the doctors who spoke out about Vioxx.

Undaunted, Brandy Vaughn is a vocal opponent of mandatory vaccine legislation in documentaries like Vaxxed and The Truth About Vaccines. You can find her often at Take Back Your Health Conferences working a table for Not surprisingly, she is a persuasive speaker and gifted educator. 

Applying the same skills she once used to help Merck promote dangerous pharma products to doctors and patients, today she helps parents learn the risk about vaccines, assert their right to informed consent, and take their liberty to protect their children from harm. As a result of her almost constant practice, she's mastered the 3-minute, off-the-cuff summary of vaccine safety risks in the middle of a crowded conference exhibition hall. Check her out in action in this video from a TBYHConference in 2016.