Come Together (this Valentine's Day)

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Love is survival for us humans. Without it, none of us would survive infancy. Or childhood. Adolescence without love feels like hell. As does being abandoned by a spouse or intimate partner. Or losing a loved one. As humans, we love to love. To be loved. And to be love. And within our biochemistry, we make the hormone to do all that. Oxytocin allows us to love, connect, bond and sync—for all time, until death do us part, until our children drive off into the horizon on their own journeys, and the tides wash away the footprints of our physical being in time and space. 

Because of our ability to bond, we may come together now, for this moment, for this purpose, instantaneously, even if we’ve just met, even if we’ve lived together for decades, for this day or this night, in this place, in this time, we can choose to become One, forming a bond that once created, can be evoked again. Once created, it lays dormant like a biochemical and spiritual potentiality to sync across space and time. Oxytocin allows us to do this, and it drives us to do this. Oxytocin is part of our human technology to bond and synch. And we release oxytocin massively when we orgasm. 

For this reason, sex is what we desire. Deep intimacy is what we want. We want it in our core. And we need it. Sex gives us the feeling of love, and it allows us to feel love. It gives us the feeling of connection and allows us to connect. Orgasm gets you going, but synch two orgasms together simultaneously and well... let’s just call it a peak moment.

This Valentine's day, take The Healist challenge — come together.

Or at least practice to the best of your ability! because the practice will help all of us come together massively when we need to...

So get to it Healists.

01.  Come Together

John Lennon live and unedited. This classic 1960s Beatles song reminds us that coming together is personal, social and political. A reminder that syncing when it matters is everything.

02.  11 Steps to Awesome to Prepare Yourself for Really Awesome Love

First things first. If you’re single, read Alexis Meade’s 11 steps to prepare for love in your life. So you can be ready when your soulmate unexpectedly shows up. Because they do show up. And saying you’re not ready is not cool. Neither is being on a date with someone who’s not your soulmate. 

via Huffington Post  

03.  Debunking 12 Myths About Relationships

If you think you know the secret to everlasting love, or think you don’t, read the internationally known marriage researcher John Gottman debunk 12 common myths people THINK they know about how successful relationships work. You might be surprised.

via The Gottman Institute  

04.  How to Have a Global Orgasm

The organization Global Orgasm wants to harness the power of 2.5 billion orgasms every day around the globe for world peace. While their big event is winter solstice every year, why not use this Valentine’s Day to join the movement? It’s easy. When you orgasm, visualize world peace. If you want to know why global orgasm can really change our reality into an experience of love not war, make sure you read the next article in the list.

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05.  Be Mine Forever: Oxytocin May Help Build Long-Lasting Love

The bonding hormone oxytocin makes us more sympathetic, supportive and open with our feelings—all necessary not just for couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day ecstatically,  but for social bonding of all kinds. The “love hormone” is part of our human technology for love and connection. When we have a lot of it, our connections are deep and long-lasting. Drug companies are hot on the research trail to make synthetic oxytocin to sell on the pharmaceutical marketplace, but the best oxytocin is what we release from our own pituitary gland. And orgasm gifts you a massive mega dose.

via Scientific American  

06.  How Vulnerability Holds the Key to Emotional Intimacy

Want more emotional intimacy in your relationship? Spell this word: v-u-l-n-e-r-a-b-i-l-i-t-y. Author Brené Brown teaches you how to put down your armor to practice being vulnerable. And why emotional intimacy precedes sexual intimacy.

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07.  6 Cups of Water a Day Can Make Sex Way Better

Feeling tired, dried up, and have a headache just when your fantastic loving sexy partner is inviting you to dance the dance of intimacy? Remember the basics, and drink plenty of fresh clean water throughout the day before you want to be sexual. Drink filtered water or spring water without fluoride. Fluoride gunks up your pituitary gland (which releases oxytocin during sex) and is damaging to the prostate gland. It also makes sense to skip the big salty cooked meal before sex, since that just sucks up more water. Beware of drinking too much alcohol before sex too, because that’s…well…dehydrating! Not to mention one glass of wine relaxes you. Three glasses of wine can make you fall asleep before the final act.

via She Knows  

08.  Sensual Healing: Head-to Toe Massage Technique for Couples

Mutual couple’s massage is downright sexy. But not in a dash-to-score-a-touchdown sort of way. Who wants to have sex if their feet hurt? Or shoulders? Seriously. First things first. Learn basic massage techniques for couples to honor your partner and make a deep connection. Know how to take the lead and launch a session of therapeutic touch that can create the possibility of sex that is healing and sacred.

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