Family Healing


Today, after all the goodbyes and departures, my house feels silent and empty, but the healing power of family love lingers in all the rooms that were filled with voices just yesterday.

Whatever ails us, whether it’s a tumor, a degenerating disc, a divorce, something at work, or losing a pet, I believe that the best healing starts and ends in the family. And that’s the way it should be. Whether a doctor or a therapist is involved, families can weigh in to make a special difference in our wellbeing. Families are naturally the center of healing in any community, from birth unto death. And therefore families will play a crucial role in turning around chronic disease rates, from hypertension and diabetes to chronic depression and cancer.

Family kitchens are where food traditions are kept alive, where human hungers and longings are fed, where emotional nurturing takes place and information is exchanged. The kitchen is often where family members come to balance, or where somebody notices that they need to and might need help. Being with family for even a few days can bring tremendous growth and healing.

“Not my family,” you say?

If your family is divided, if there are tensions, old regrets, secrets, people who don’t speak to each other…well, that’s exactly why you want to dive in with a magic wand of healing that every family member possesses.

What’s the magic wand? Uh...okay, there's not a magic wand. Instead there's a somatic-emotional posture that heals, and it's almost as simple as a wand. Here's the posture—start practicing it.

Show up with a good dose of humility, keep your heart open, be present, spend time with your observing Self. What you'll notice if you do these 4 things are all the striking differences and annoying similarities, all the family dynamics and old patterns that emerged somewhere in the past, in hard times and crises and even wars, patterns that once made sense but don’t anymore, all the things that people in the past did or didn’t do, said or didn’t say. Allow yourself to feel all of that, and then hold it in your arms close to your heart, and start loving your Self! And therein you will find the way to love your family. The results can be astounding. Because if one person in a family heals…everybody in that family is affected.

Families are vibrationally and emotionally connected. If one wound is dressed, everybody benefits. There is probably some advanced quantum physics explanation of this phenomenon, but basically, when all is said and done, it’s a family thing. Families that love together, break bread together, journey together, and heal together—stay together for lifetimes as the life support center for wellbeing.

By the way, initiating one of these family healing journeys (do the 10-day detox!) begins with somebody picking up the phone. Do it, and you'll find inevitably that someone on the other end of that lifeline has been waiting for your call.

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