Antonella & Jordan living the life of Eudaimonia*

Antonella & Jordan of Eudaimonia Yoga live on an apple cider farm in a geodesic dome, and make fresh cider weekly...all while raising kids, teaching, training, and taking their yoga & music vibes around the world.


*Eudaimonia: An ancient Greek word commonly translated as happiness or welfare; 'Human flourishing' has been proposed as a more accurate translation.



Jordan: Turkey Sausage, 2 eggs, sautéd spinach, sauerkraut

Antonella:  Chai tea with stevia and coconut cream while I cook: Two eggs over easy and kale fried up in coconut oil with avocado slices, all wrapped up in a coconut meat wrap!


"Self care can be really hard to identify and prioritize, for me it changes from day to day. During our busy season it might be making sure to schedule a day off (not an errand day, but a literally do nothing day). And at other times, it might be an after work float (isolation tank meditation), going to a workshop/training to learn from an inspiring teacher, or having a movie marathon with my kids. Each day the sense of self has different needs, just have to get quiet enough to listen for the cues that keep the head in check and heart in balance."

— Antonella

Self care means listening to your body. It’s always speaking, but you must quiet the mind to hear the body.
— Jordan


  • Food! We love to cook and spend a huge portion of each day shopping and preparing yummy food that feeds the soul while navigating food allergies. Not always an easy task, but so helpful to have a partner to make the food journey fun and the blue kitchen in our eccentric 70's geodesic dome is where most of our self care takes place :)
  • Meditation! Whether it's 5 minutes in the shower, 20 minutes post yoga asana, or an hour while floating in a sensory deprivation tank- taking the time to meditate is essential for my sanity and well being. It's self care for me, and crucial for those who I may encounter ;) (when this Pitta girl doesn't stick to meditating the world suffers from my intensity and bitchiness!)
  • Love! Spending time with my loves is crucial to keep me balanced. I cherish quality time, snuggles, and late night talks that go off on random tangents.
  • Sleep!


Anotella: Having kids sent me on the journey to being my best self, so that I can be fully present as a mom and hopefully inspire them to grow up on a healthy path as well. I feel so grateful to have a partner that is aligned with the same yogic mentality and priorities. Also, being with a like minded foodie makes life so much more enjoyable, especially eating out!  Now I'm not the only one with the over complicated food order :)

Jordan:  I've been dealing with Ulcerative Colitis for 10 years now, and after 7 years of drugs and numerous hospital visits, I took a family doctors recommendation to try yoga. I was a bit hesitant as a young male just out of college, but yoga changed everything. It challenged me both physically and mentally, and led me to my girlfriend Antonella. She then solidified it's importance in my life by showing me that yoga is way more than just a physical practice - it's a lifestyle, with self care being the overarching theme.

Short tempers are commonplace in my family, and my yoga/meditation practice not only helps me with my short temper, but also allows me to better relate to family and friends who have similar issues.


Jordan: We live in a society full of advertisements and distractions. Most people think they own a phone, but the vast majority are owned by their phones. How often have you reached for your phone with the intention to do something, and gotten distracted along the way with Facebook, instagram, Snapchat, etc. And those are just the big names! So many apps and ads that suddenly your 30 minute lunch break turned into you mindlessly shoveling food into your mouth while staying up to date on the most recent celebrity (or wanna-be celebrity) gossip, instead of 10 minutes spend mindfully eating and being greatful for sustenance, followed by 15-20 minutes of silent contemplation. One creates self loathing and the other creates self care. But when the phone owns you, it's habitual to go straight to the web.

Awareness. Most people really lack understanding of what makes them tick, and how food/environment/stress can improve or sabotage their overall quality of life. That said, many people DO know those things but lack the confidence and support needed to see it through to fruition.
— Antonella


Jordan: Try meditation. Even 5 minutes a day. Put the electronics away and sit in silence. Take a probiotic. Sleep. Love.

Antonella: Find your tribe. If you seek out and hang with people on a similar path to where you want to align your values- there is a wealth of support and love that will keep you on track.


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