Angie Aristone: Plugged-in

Telepath and hypnotherapist Angie Aristone invites people to explore their connected consciousness for personal growth and wellbeing. She's launching her first book Consciousness Becomes You, December 9th 2016. You can find her at


Tea and a homemade vegan muffin.


…a lot! I ask of myself and my clients: Am I sleeping enough? Am I eating food for fuel or medicating myself with food? Am I exercising and meditating in ways that nurture and sustain me? Am I saying yes when I mean no? No when I mean yes? Am I cultivating emotional states of my choosing or allowing my survivor mind to spin into states of stress or reaction?

 The most beautiful thing about creating a life filled with self-care is that the accidental repercussion is self-esteem and self-respect. I have to say that there will be times you will need to notice where your past is jumping up and biting you in the butt.

Heal your past while you retrain the ways you show up in the present. Get a therapist/body worker/shaman/whatever speaks to you as the method for going in and revisiting those events and rewrite the take away you may have concluded about the main events in your childhood. It’s a game changer.


All of the above.


I found that after spending my youth as a rescuer on the co-dependent triangle that the only way out of the depleting cycle was actually self-care.  I've never looked back and never felt better.

Not only do I respect my own inner guidance, but it has deepened my psychic/telepathic work and expanded into prescriptive strategies for my clientele as well.


Wow. I believe its embedded throughout the cultural messaging and brought down through familial lineages for all of us.  The memo for most women, for example, is often that you doing you makes you selfish. And often even in simple ways the memo is that women who say no and who have decent boundaries are “bitches.”  It doesn't leave much room for the idea that you doing you is necessary. Living an authentic life is truly a warrior’s path until it becomes second nature.


First things first: Take full and compete ownership and accountability for how you show up in the world. Own: You are the creator.

Now the question is:  What do you want to create?? Revisit codependence and notice your historical familial pattern.  Notice the roles you've played and seek out healthier ways to show up instead.  Own the places where you habitually get lazy because you've deprioritized yourself: with what you ingest, how you get exercise, with what you are willing to voice, and the way you choose to connect with others etc.


If I can't eat it, I don't tend to rub it on my body, so more often than not I make my own creams from organic and often local ingredients with the addition of high quality essential oils when I choose.




Imagine for a moment that your consciousness could leave your brain. What could you learn and discover? What could you accomplish if your mind could travel wherever you focused it, to understand anything you desire, directly, from the inside out? How would your relationships improve? What would the world look like if we could all understand one another on such an intimate level? What if you were told that that your consciousness not only can leave your brain, but that it already does, and that we are all immersed in a telepathic experience of the world, though few of us realize it? In Consciousness Becomes You, the authors share personal stories, grounded conversation, and scientific research to explain that part of our minds, the connected mind, is connected to everyone and everything. Beginning with how we already experience this connection in life, the book explores how this connection functions, its uses, and the myriad of ways we all already receive and share telepathic information.