A Bodymindset Approach

Realizing the gaps in conventional therapy, education and bodywork through which Americans are falling by the millions into chronic ill health and mental distress, Camilla launched a blog promoting emotional bodymind integration and called herself The Healist, inviting others to be healists too. 

Integrating psycho-physical and somatic-emotional techniques to evolve education, therapy and bodywork is now her mission as a self-care activist and healer. She writes wellness books that guide people toward integration, publishes theories of the acoustic bodymind, and meets clients where they are in their healing journey—helping them embrace a healing crisis in order to become more adaptive, happy and healthy again. And she uses somatics and semantics, touch and talk, healing and education, all integrated as one, to do it.

If you choose to work with Camilla, don’t be surprised by her unrelenting emotional honesty. Or her uncanny ability to lift the lid on your cover story. Or her amazing healing touch and voice. Be prepared if she challenges you to take personal responsibility for your physical and emotional crap by doing a 10-day detox before diving deep into somatic-emotional release work. She’ll also ask you about your family history of chronic disease, intergenerational family patterns, your history of medical treatments, and what kind of dentistry you’ve had. All the while touching and releasing memories held deep in your body of formative events and traumas that created bodymindsets that may be blocking you from adapting—from healing, expressing and harmonizing.

We start our healing journey getting grounded in the soma head to toe, including our internal organs. Then we listen to the emotions expressing there. And then we harmonize words and mental thought patterns with those. Quite different from sitting in a chair in therapy or in a classroom isn't it. More like shifting embodiment in the present moment. Not talking about it, but feeling it and doing it.