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No pill for self-care.

Camilla is more than an educator, more than a therapist, more than a bodyworker, and in a necessary way, all three together, without separation. Of course, there's a body story to that evolution. When in her 30s teaching feminist cultural and media studies at Carnegie Mellon University, Camilla tripped down a rabbit hole into ill health when a conventional dentist drilled a cracked mercury amalgam filling, exposing her to toxic mercury vapor. Falling in a downward spiral, for a moment in time she thought she might be crazy. Instead she landed in the hospital with an ovarian tumor, and realized she wasn't crazy, she was physically ill.

Time for enormous changes at the last minute.


Camilla discovered she had hypothyroid, a toxic liver, weakened immunity, irritable bowel syndrome, adrenal exhaustion, not to mention brain fog and a mercury toxicity score almost off the chart of a heavy metal test.

Survival instinct kicked in. Like Ulysses sailing far away from home, she ventured beyond the world of the university to embark on a decade-long search for a more holistic education she seemed to be missing—one that integrated mind, body and emotions equally. She walked the healing path with mindbody pioneer Ilana Rubenfeld, inventor of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method®, a hands-on somatic-emotional release therapy. She studied Vedic meditation and Ayurveda with Dr. Deepak Chopra. Yoga with Bryan Kest. She learned mercury detox with chemist Dr. Christopher Shade and body electronics with Dr. Doug Morrison. She journeyed on sacred plant medicine with a community of shaman.

And so it was that Camilla became an educator who talks to the mind, heart and body. A bodyworker who helps people process their emotions and observe their thoughts. And a therapist who can talk and touch at the same time. She coaches clients to self-regulate their thoughts with meditation, their health with healing foods and herbs, and their emotions by detoxing their liver, kidneys, colon and mouth. And she helps them consciously change habitual thought patterns, emotions and behaviors that are less than adaptive.

Today, Camilla's mission as a self-care advocate and somatic therapist is to integrate psycho-physical and somatic-emotional techniques to evolve education, therapy and bodywork. She writes wellness books that teach functional self-care, publishes theories of the acoustic bodymind, and meets clients where they are in their healing journey—helping them embrace whatever healing crisis they're facing in order to become more adaptive, happy and healthy again.


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