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Live well. 12 practices for self-care.



Oxygen is life. If you want healthy lungs, heart, brain, blood and microbiome, suck in more fresh air and breathe it down to your toes. Acidosis leads to illness; oxygen is alkalinizing. Learn about ozone and oxygen therapies.



Chronic dehydration increases your risk of every chronic illness. It's even bad for your teeth and gums. Drink more water and skip the plastic. Filter tap and shower. Balance electrolytes to get water into cells. Magnesium is the most common mineral deficiency. And watch the salt. Your cells want twice as much potassium as sodium; most Americans have the opposite.


Nutrient Saturate

Take control of your food to give yourself the nutrients you need for vibrant health. Your best medicine is organic whole foods sourced from farmers you trust. Identify key inflammatory foods to eliminate, key supplements to take, and say goodbye to sugar.


Mouthbody Care

Think mouthbody and oral systemic. Your mouth affects the rest of you. Free your mouth of gum disease, root canals, mercury fillings, and toxic dentistry. Choose a systemic dentist to save your teeth and health. 


Gutbrain Health

A healthy microbiome is the key to overall health—including mental & emotional health. Your gut is your brain. And it's your gut instinct. It's also your tics, compulsions, anxieties and depressions. There's a whole ecosystem in there just waiting for you to turn on the lights with prebiotics and probiotics to feed healthy microbes.


Bodymind Detox

Cleanse, nourish and restore your core organs of detoxification and elimination—colon, liver and kidneys. Cut the physical, mental and emotional crap from you life. Manage your own waste and emotional baggage.


Balance Hormones

Keep your hair on your head, your feet warm at night, and your sex drive on. Thyroid, adrenal, pancreatic and gonad health depend on low toxicity, a clean liver and good nutrition to balance hormones for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 


Regulate Immunity

A healthy immune system is your best defense. Learn about natural remedies. Don't overuse antibiotics or vaccines. Support the natural immunity you were born with. Beat chronic infections and calm chronic inflammation to prevent autoimmunity. 



Think “Om Shanti Shanti” is for new age gurus? Think again. Chronic stress spikes cortisol, depletes adrenals, damages your gut membrane, and weakens immunity. Meditation is a good way to get a grip. So is decalcifying your pineal gland to get a good night's sleep and visions of a future worth living.


Reduce Toxins

Pesticides, herbicides, plastics and nuclear radiation were never as safe as we pretended. All of us have a responsibility to clean up our personal and collective ecosystems to reduce toxicity. We are our environment. Be a conscious consumer. Read labels. Read between the lines. Read the fine print. Read your rights.


Move & Integrate

Move, change, adapt. Integrate body, mind and emotions so what you feel, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Be a sustainable human. Evolve. Not sure what you're capable of? Find out.


Sex, Fertility & Pregnancy

From falling in love to childbirth, our relationships define us. They are the ultimate test of self-care—care of the Self in harmony with care of the Other. Cultivate sex, fertility and pregnancy from a place of overall health and wellbeing. Practice foundational Care. Think oxytocin, limbic resonance and empathy. Open your heart. Connect. Take responsibility.